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It is NVidia's fault, but these companies also agreed to do this, so keep that in mind. I guess it'll be alright if they actually support it on their current models but even then there's some pretty bad stuff they're doing through this. Lack of any kind of communication is number 1.

Using someone else's work and not giving them credit for it though I cannot perosnally imagine a way for a company such as ASUS to do this other than giving said person a job at the company , then threatening to sue them for the same work - that's some stuff outta movies. Maybe there's actually some human beings in there somewhere.

They have removed everything related to Gamenab's work because they try to reduce the heat. From what I am seeing, they are trying very hard to keep this on a low profile. They could have given us an answer by now but they just keep silent. This usually happens when people are up to no good. They'll ignore us until we get tired of complaining. This is why we should continue to support our cause.

You got that right mate. If they were interested in our loyalty they would've provided us with an official answer by now. The fact is that every gaming notebook manufacturer has the same issue. You know the movie "Dinner for Schmucks"? The manufacturers along with NVidia are the fancy a-holes and we, the customers, are the schmucks.

Edweird: It's good to remain positive about this story but, to be honest, if they had any intention of making up for all the mess that they have done until now, they would have given us a sign that they are thinking of it. They only gave us silence and inconclusive answers from their poorly informed staff.

I remember that I saw once a guy that received an answer in which the technical support person from ASUS has told him that the new models are coming with a g-sync module on the GPU. Even nVidia is advertising the fact that the whole point of mobile GPU is that the hardware doesn't need a G-Sync module. All in all, I am also waiting to see how ASUS will react to this when the new models will be coming out.

But I won't keep my hopes too high. ASUS do what they can, remember not so long time speaker problem? Asus fixed it yes it took them couple month but they fixed an issue! If AMD would have any good mobile card. Nvidia would already provide us with G-sync support. Remember and 3. So go on Nvidia site and complaint there.

I swear , definitely I will not buy any more asus or nvidia products.. Just be careful with what you say or do, I guess. We still have our laptops, and this situation is still in development. Nah, I don't think they will do anything more than just delete the public download links and information because this is already a big mess for them.

They won't sue you for using some software that basically only nVidia is against. They are already winning tons of money since the technology is evolving quicker and quicker. I don't even see their point in harassing Gamenab to stop the development of the GTools since they will still get their money from the newer G-Sync notebooks because the price of the software is included in the notebook price.

They won't get any money from the customers that already own a G-Sync compatible notebook anyways.. They could just allow us to benefit from the damn feature. I couldn't agree more. It makes no sense to me at all. What is the problem with giving us the feature? They sell their new laptops at extra cost anyway. And what about the so called "old ones" like our laptops? Who's going to buy them if they have a better alternative at euros more only for Gsync?

But it's a matter of principle for me. Yeah, the problem there is we'll probably end up without a choice, because other big manufacturers are also the cause for this and uh AMD is not currently making any mind-blowing offers, whereas NVidia is always a solid choice. I'd like to base decisions on principles as well, but the money would still probably be with NVidia. We've already debated over why they wouldn't let us have it and it's a big YET , I advise not getting peezed off about that again, it'll just make you feel bad.

I'm personally going to wait and see if there is a solution for us and if not, then I'll judge them accordingly. So far, they're not doing too well, that much can be freely said. From a pure business standpoint, things are pretty clear as to what should be done to keep the target audience entertained - but I don't recall either NVidia or ASUS having this big a reputation of wanting to screw over current customers, customer service issues aside. What gets me is that even after all these post concerning the G-Sync issue they still remain silent!

This is just insane! What are they standing around looking at each other for an answer? They've chosen not to answer yet, for their own reasons. No, it's not good customer service, but it's what we have at the moment. Does anyone have the overclock fix by gamenab? Check your pm. Please PM me where to download the latest version of GTool as well. Thank you very much in advance. GeForce Hotfix driver There is no hope to get support from ASUS side.

This is the one and only way to get G-Sync. I got in the game late, just bought my gjy : ty. Read the texte below the video. Some ppl can confirme that with windowed bordeless mode you don't get any black frame with g-tools v2 please? I tryed it on battlefield 4 and i didn't get any black frames on the game, same for dying light!! Try settings which gives you less than 30 in some scenes and you'll notice the back screen as the fps momentarily goes to 0 making the screen refresh rate zero thereby the black screen - i think.

Probably because your graphics card is pushing out more than 80 frames. When i play GTA 5 everything maxed out, i get big dropps in fps sometimes, in full screen i get theses black frames when in windowed borderless mode it happened only once in a 3 hrs game.. So for me the gameplay is much better Did you try it? What GPU do you have? I have my HQ overclocked at 3. Display at 75 Hz. Tried Hz but got multiple blackouts so reverted back, installed I got mine last november and it has HQ.

At this time i keep the cpu overclocked all the time better temps and i only overclock the gpu to play GTA 5. I tried MSI afterburner but it doesn't show how much is the present clock or how much i'm overclocking To have G-tool v2 working properly you have to use the driver That's weird.

I used It's possible, it's just gamenab said on his blog that But hey i'll try Guys anyone running Gtools on windows 10? If so please post it here - slow internet took me about 45 mins just to post this can't go through all forums and thanks!! If this is working on win 10 then i will do the upgrade.. Anyone on win 10 willing to try this? At least the forum it's coming from, I've checked a fews forums, i haven't see anything similar to this.

You should avoid using other version than Gtools, as far as I know no one have access to my last work. If somebody share that around different forum, it is probably based and reproduce exactly my work. From what I saw, this version of the Gtools it is exactly the same, someone just upload and share it again, so don't use this one on Win 10, kernel doesn't work the same way. Anyway I just tell you something. You can have Gsync without using any license and without any problem on Win By the way if you see different brand asking money for an update, be careful, it can be a scam from the company itself using past work.

They actually can't release a bios update or another tool to provide you G-sync and ask you money for it simply because anyone that will share the bios update or tool in public, will be able to offer gsync to everybody. Right now the good news is that the silence was helpful. I'm waiting some answer from different brand and depending how it goes have a high possibility to see something free released. Like I said I was pretty tired with all of this and this was behind me, doesn't mean that I can't still try to talk with different companies to change their minds.

I sold the G that I worked with on different stuff, so for me Asus is over. It would be probably with another brand, let's see next month September Unfortunately Asus stay in their position. Have a nice weekend guys.

How then? Have a nice weekend guys We love you Gamenab! Some parts of this world are still free cause of the people like you. Hats off. Really appreciate your work Gamenab. A huge thanks for the time and effort you put into this. There are users who have laptops this forum gjy with g-sync.

I asked a few days ago to send me the one private from the graphics card's BIOS for testing whether G-Sync is activated, but did not want. Maybe you have more success! The fact that they don't speak means they could if they wanted to..

Not exactly sound logic. I really don't get all of the Asus hate over this. There is not a lot under their control regarding the licensing Perhaps they could of done something more, however this is pure speculation. Every other manufacturer is in the exact same boat. Until the day MSI or some other brand offers up G-Sync to old models you are not putting your frustration on the correct party. The only difference is that the serial number of the LCD panel? Enlighten us also if you can and if not break what you have banned people from nvidia.

Thank you :. They the one who made us understand it's just software based on laptops, and in a certain way they telling us, here have a try at bugged G-sync, your laptop is compatible but no you can't have it. I love ASUS but they have a responsability in this, and what's ennoying is they don't even take the time to explain why.

If they didn't do anything wrong they would be the first explaining how they can't do anything and send us to NVIDIA's door. If they didn't do anything wrong they would be the first explaining how they can't do anything and send us to NVIDIA's door Asus did not intentionally leak the driver, it was leaked during some troubleshooting for a user; a beta driver was given to someone as a troubleshooting method.

It was hardly intentional or official. I'm guessing you don't know what an NDA is due to your response. NDA stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement, it is often boilerplate on such licensing contracts and contractually binds the signie against discussing the terms of the contract. If there is such an NDA I would guess it very likely , Asus would open themselves up to a civil suit by revealing the details.

In this case they 'owe' nVida silence on the matter. They don't owe you or anyone an explanation regardless. Again I understand the frustration, just point it in the correct direction. Asus sold a device with the specifications clearly labeled, you bought it for those specifications. Kind of the end of the story as far as Asus owing you something. Wanting something doesn't make it so.

Asus did not intentionally leak the driver, it was leaked during some troubleshooting for a user; a beta driver was given to someone as a troubleshooting method. Clearly you don't care about Gsync, or the fact that they don't give the same software support to every G's owners.. NDA or not i love your "if there is such an NDA" and yes i know what it is,i'm not stupid mate it doesn't change the fact that they are responsable for their staff and actions.

ASUS has a responsability in this mess even if you don't like it. I don't think saying that would " break any Non-Disclosure Agreement" I'm not gonna argu with you because english isn't my first language, i'm starting with a disadvantage, and i'm guessing you don't speak french so All i'm saying is i was expecting more from them.

Good talk Josh!! Clearly you don't care about Gsync, or the fact that they don't give the same software support to every G's owner.. Not trying to fight man, just presenting what I see as a rational view. I would love G-Sync on my laptop just as much as the next guy. I however will not bend my views to make a better case for it. I think nVidia is being real prickish for sure.

I also am a patent person and I have little doubt that it will be opened up by a third party and in the long run official support will mean very little. No offence ment on explaining the NDA, just your response didn't seem to acknowledge that as a potential hindrance for Asus having a dialog about it No win?

Ha, ha. The best prove is that they did not comment it at all as they know that we can't do anything to harm them and to lower their sales. They own the market now! The only method of releasing gsync for "everyone" is to: 1. Option 1 - not possible till some other party shall not release something similar and platform independent for free Or maybe nVidia could resign its annual 0.

Just my stupid hope… Option 2 - not realistic as would require more effort and money to provide and maintain this kind of service than profits And last, they have already decided a different licensing model combined with the hardware and vendors so it would be difficult to maintain two different licensing models I have a question, if we guys with old G get a G-sync monitor will it have G-sync or our card itself isn't supported for the whole G-sync thing or all the monitors have G-sync modules?

But if you want to yes you can do it. But if you want to yes you can do it Thanks but the reason I asked the question was to know about how it works module or based on our GPU - if it's our GPU would that download a new driver for G-sync? If you're using a monitor with a module than it's using the module and if your monitor doesn't have a module you need the driver to connect it directly with your GPU. Hey mates. Since G-tools is installed, our screen runs at 75Hz by default. When the games run "normally", they run at 75 fps max and this extra framerate can generate some extra heat and power consumption.

Question : Do you recommand to limit at 60 fps or use the default at 75? Do you think that limiting framerate with RTSS can decrease global performance? G-sync is enslaving monitor to GPU But there is no magic All panels have its limits upper and lower limit of refresh rate.

So for example if the game runs at 30FPS and G-sync is active your monitor changes its default 75Hz refresh rate So G-sync works in two ways As far as I know the official G-sync external monitors are Hz please correct me if I am wrong. But it is just guessing. Can't see the difference as most of the modern games at mine GJY do not exceed 75fps I don't have Batman Arkham Knight to say any advice. Most colors look grainy on our IPS monitors if you increase the refresh rate more than 75Hz.

That's probably the reason why they're set to 75Hz. You can always check it out. But if you want to yes you can do it A simple Yes would've sufficed. No need to tell him your pointless life story. A simple Yes would've sufficed. Man i'm sad for you!

What can i add to that! Can't I use the g-sync just as it is or i need a g-sync monitor like for example V-sync is available, also in games as an option? I wanted to see how to sync my laptop's monitor framerate with the GPU? I would really appreciate any info!

Thanks :. Thanks : Please back read before posting. The answers are there. The short of it is if you don't have a G-Sync sticker on your laptop don't expect offical G-Sync support. Very limited unofficial support is available and not on Windows Hopefully the situation improves. Please back read before posting. G-Sync laptops are cheaper than those without? Asus, What the hell out of you made laptops G-Sync compatible? I checked last week and I was like what???

It seems people started buying non-G sync models after G sync ones were announced. What are you dribbling on about? Nope it just shows you have no life and the most important thing to you is forum posts. That's embarrassing!

You need to find a woman and lose your virginity. Really pathetic. I bet your parents are so proud to have you as their child hiding away in your bedroom all the time to avoid the bullies at school. And please. Zenite, I'll just post a very slightly modified snippet from one of your other post here: Comments like this, claiming antoine is a child makes me think you are a child yourself. Did mummy buy that laptop for you for Xmas?

Now looking at your own words I hope you can see a little part of what is wrong with your post. You started with a personal attack and now it is escalating. There is no need for such negativity on a forum dedicated to gaming laptops If this is some attempt at humor by complying with his request, do keep in mind that sarcasm is very hard to detect in the written word, you may want to make that clear. A message for all: Most of us are here for civil discourse, to help others, and to receive help.

Please have a bit of respect for the intent of the forum and not let it devolve into a place to simply trade barbs. Wow just came back on this thread and read all of this I didn't mean to start any fight, I now realise i was wrong to reply like this.

It was in the moment.. Please lets get back on topic, and talk of this issue we all care about. Does anyone know if sometime in the future a firmware "hack" will be available? I would really appreciate having the feature instead of buying an expensive monitor. The best we can do for now is put the monitor at Hz, use RTSS or Nvidia Inspector to cap the fps to 60, no Vsync and use the window border less option if the 3d application as it or full screen, until something new appear Nothing new yet?

I have never seen the fps drop that low,so no blackouts,I have been playing Assassins Creed Black Flag,maxed settings and it never drops below 50 fps. Well I have a GJT so it occasionally dropped to 25 fps on ultra settings. So can you please try a game which can drop below 25 fps? And see how it performs. Probably crisis 3. It's the only way at the moment so no other choice!

Got it to work with windows I am on the Going to do some more extensive testing of gameperformance! In witcher too with Nvidia Hairworks every time I turned, a blackout. There is absolutely NO blackouts anywhere if playing in windowed borderless mode. I am playing full screen with no blackouts Like I said you get blackouts when the fps drops below 30 and G-sync is actually very useful when the fps drops as we can see the lag on low fps but not with G-sync on.

And yeah no one got it working in fullscreen as fps dropped when you play it full screen, I was wondering if it doesn't happen in windows 10 where the fps goes to zero making the refresh rate zero momentarily. Hi guys. I want to share my tests that I did yesterday about borderless mode, G-Sync etc. In fullscreen mode, with G-sync, the games are very smooth of course, 75fps max screen is 75Hz with G-tools but sometimes I got some "black screens" that you were talking about right before.

The black screens are "normal" during loadings, Gamenab said it on his blog. If you remember correctly, he also said that he will include a fix for this issue in G-tools v In borderless mode, with G-sync ON, most of games are smooth but not all of them! I put fullscreen mode again in CS and the framerate was back to 75 fps. I tried The Witcher 3, both modes, and the result is here : in borderless mode, even with G-sync, I get a lot of "micro-stutters" and in fullscreen mode, with g-sync too, it's butter smooth as hell.

But not every games get benefits from this mode. G-sync is disabled while using borderless mode. Fullscreen mode truly uses G-sync, the only drawback is the black frames, not happening a lot I found. Plus, it's working on every games.

Maybe I didn't understand what you were talking about, english isn't my main language. Sorry about this. Akik82 Looks like you have lots of "misconfiguration" with different games You can test it if the game has its internal fps counter and compere it with Fraps additionally enabled.

Regarding The Witcher If you set FPS cap to 30 at the game's options or 45 cap at game's config files there will be no lags So IMHO you have probably drawn the false conclusions So the argument regarding the official support of G-sync at windowed borderless mode at Sarcasm: "Thank you" Nvidia for so "glorious" support!

The Witcher 3 is perfectly smooth with G-Sync. Since I use With the borderless mode, it's just awful to me I didn't mean that Nvidia enabled G-Sync in Even for desktop computers. Yes, it does show I had the same problem on the same exact computer along with another a few days ago.

It's a BIOS issue. Took it in to get an ADR tune up and the software checked out. Fixed the problem. Good afternoon. So I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 for my wife on July 13 and it was delivered on July 21st without any issues. The purpose for the laptop is more work and school since my wife is not a gamer, but I wanted to get her the best possible specs for the long term. All drivers on the laptop are from the Dell site and the laptop shipped with Windows 10 Pro.

On the night I received it, my wife decided to watch some Netflix while I slept and the next morning, she sent me the attached screen shots. According to her, the screen just turned that way after having watched about 30 minutes of full screen material. She also stated that it flickered and that Windows was for a short while somewhat unresponsive she couldn't restart the system. The following day I turned on the laptop without any screen issues.

Nevertheless, I removed the Dell drivers and clean installed them again. Afterward, I did a barrage of tests on the laptop to see if the problem was hardware or software related. No artifacts whatsoever. That same night the issue came up again, while wat This one needs a replacement screen, which isn't worth pursuing on a brand-new system. I would want to replace the harddisk with SSD by next year or so. But i wanted to know if i can have SSD along with hard disk in this laptop.

I wanted both good performance along with large storage. So i was wondering if i can have two disks at once. Thanks in advance. It doesn't look like any of the newer Inspiron series models have mSATA connectors -- the older 3rd generation ones did, though.

Does anyone have any idea? It sounds like you might have a Gaming system. If so, Windows will shrink a partition if it can. I would not recommend using a third party utility to shrink it since problems could happen and you might lose the system. If you need another partition, you should have an option to place a 2. I was very exited to start playing my favorite games on it.

Should I take my money back? Or can it be fixed? Even a or GPU will be challeneged by a 4K screen - for a , forget high performance. Hi, Have a 2 month old brand new Inspiron 15 gaming laptop and while playing a game tonight I was tapping on the case more precisely next to the touch pad gently, all of a sudden my laptop shut down and now will not turn back on.

When you press the power. Button it lights up for a split second and turns off.. I have tried other general suggestion such as disconnecting button and holding down power then reconnecting to no end. Any one have any ideas?

If you're comfortable in opening the computer, I suggest reseating the battery. Please follow steps below: 1. Remove all peripherals, AC adapter, and battery from system. Replace battery, adapter, and then power on system. Hopefully computer starts normally. I would like to add another drive, preferably SAD. However both Dell Support and internet sources provide conflicting data on whether another SSD can be added, varying "yes" or "no" between Dell spare parts sales persons.

Internet sources are not definitive either. If that were an M. One M. I bought a laptop case for a I could buy one for a 17" laptop but I'm concerned that would be too big. I can't use function keys normaly. It seems like I can use only multimedia keys. How can I fix it? I do not see that option in the BIOS either. The real question is: Is it upgradeable to a Nvme M2 ssd later on? Hope the 15 gaming does work pretty well. Using a 17R , which is 4 years and 5 months old, but still good battery life.

Just lacks of the SATA3 msata and a good graphics chip. My problem is that I need to do this operation, that I mention and I can not do it since the Bios contains the Function Key Behavior 1. Restart your Dell laptop. Watch the boot screen. When the message appears, hold down the appropriate key to enter the BIOS screen. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab by pressing the right arrow key.

Scroll down to "Function Key Behavior" on the "Advanced" tab by pressing the down button. Press "Enter. Press "F10" to save your settings and exit. Allow the system to reboot for the changes to take effect. Question: How can I make these changes Thanks in advance. Regards, Richard. Hi,I recently purchased a inspiron 15 It has the combo 3. My headset is a Hyper x Cloud which also is a 3. I am getting the popup when I plug in the mic but I can't find any traces of the microphone and can't get it to work at all.

Any help would be appreciated. If it has the 3. It may take some extra pressure. I have attempted to connected this though HDMI port. For some reason, the screen remains blank black. The resolution should be x at 60 Hz. In order to address the issue and after reading a few forums I have tried a few things: 1. Tried different HDMI cables although the screen came with one. I have also used the cable and laptop on a TV and works fine.

However, the TV resolution works with a x 60 hz. I have updated drivers after completely uninstalling them both Intel and Nvidia. The Nvidia Geforce drivers that I have at the moment are version I have played around with Nvidia's Setting panel. So the results are as follows: x 30Hz, progressive custom setup : Display works but lots of blue pixels in black areas p x 60Hz native : no signal — blank screen; i x 30Hz: lots of flickering; Other resolutions mixed results.

To sum up the issue therefore seems to be that GTX can't cope with x specifically 60Hz. Can you please confirm if that is a known issue and how I just want to know if there is a QVL for memory? For example, can I use; G. Or max it out with; G. Please help. Okay so,for some reason my internet upload and download speed are constantly limited and its only on this laptop.

But right now,i'm only getting My router is a tp-link archer c7 ac So i'm just wondering if it may be the laptop. Can anyone help me figure this out? It is hard to suggest anything without specifics regarding your Wireless adapter and local network.

The up and down speeds you indicate are a little different from standard, what type of internet connection do you have? Have you run a Network Troubleshooter? Have you determined the problem is from your router to your system and not related to Internet speeds? There are many threads on this system and wireless problems. Have you seen any of those? Hi, I have a Inspiron 15 Gaming , and I have been getting issues with the Bluetooth adapter from my laptop, as in some occasions it goes AWOL from the computer, one minute is working the next, it disappears even from the device manager list, as if it wasn't installed, I hadn't had this problem in a while up until today I tried to connect my Bluetooth mouse and it didn't read it so I used the unifier dongle and it worked then I tried to connect the Xbox Bluetooth controller and as it was pairing, the whole Bluetooth menu disappeared from the settings page, and wouldn't show up on the device manager list.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening? I can find no information that the HDMI will pass this level of output. Is it possible that UHD screen on my new Dell is looking like that? Should I return it? Please let me know your thoughts! Please see how it looks in the dark! Recently bought a model and paired it with an external monitor via HDMI. All my drivers are up to date.

Ever since pairing the both, every few minutes, the laptop and external monitor both freeze for about a minute, then both screens flicker and return to normal operation. If I'm using the laptop alone, it works perfectly. I should note that this only happens when browsing webpages or small tasks, and not when gaming. I have ran full system hardware diagnostics and found no problems. Any help would be nice, as it is becoming a pain to use.

I downloaded the Dell OS recovery USB stick, believing it would allow me to fully restore the laptop to its factory state, including all preinstalled apps etc. Unfortunatly it doesnt. All the preinstalled apps etc are missing, it literally just installs Windows I've redownloaded pretty much everything else, but I cant find the download for the "True Colour" app.

Hello all, Where would I be able to acquire the brackets that are connected to the harddrive as well as the interposer cable? See attached pic for bracket and cable. Hi, Been having a problem with my new laptop that's getting progressively more annoying. I should order a new Dell battery to fix this. Originally this happened maybe once per day.

Now it can be once per hour. It now also stacks, leaving multiple instances open in the background after I leave the system on with no activity. Seeing as my laptop is pretty much fresh from box and has had no hardware changes made to it this is obviously wrong.

Any advice on how to remove this program or at least disable it's notifications? Hi everyone! I have a Dell Inspiron 15 gaming laptop, and today I noticed, that my laptop makes very quiet ticking sound when it is plugged in. This is strange, because the sound very similar to a HDD's head movement ticking. In this series there's no optical drive, so the only mechanical units in this laptop the 2 cooling fans. But strangely the ticking is exactly can be heard, when the fans stop.

So when the fans don't spin 0 rpm the quiet ticking sound can be heard. The second strange thing, if I unplug the laptop from AC, the ticking slows down. After i plug in it again, the ticking continues faster Do somebody sensed the same? The ticking comes from under the keyboard, if I lean forward, I can hear it well.

I think, that this ticking might caused by one electical unit, and I worry that my laptop will go wrong, although now there's no other problem, just the sound So a few days ago, I turn my less than 3 week old Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming on, and notice that there is now what appears to be fan noise coming from just the right side of the laptop.

Prior to this, the fan would only kick on when the laptop hit a certain temperature, but now there is fan noise constantly. I'm worried this is the sign of worse to come. The only other piece of hardware on that side of the laptop is the hard drive. Hello, I noticed recently that when my fan is at its fastest rpm and the laptop keys are pressed lightly there is a buzzing noise that can be heard. Recently I also discovered that adjusting the screen physically as in moving back or forth seems to take it away as well.

Any thoughts? I have created a backup image of the OS and also burned a bootable disk so that I can reinstall Windows 10 at a future date. My old computer which uses Windows 7 permits me to change the boot order sequence by using the F12 key during the startup process to access the BIOS and then edit the boot order sequence so that the machine boots from a DVD or USB drive.

This makes it possible to restore a backup image from a previous date or even to use a different OS, e. My problem is that the F12 key does not work on the new machine and I do not know how to create a boot order sequence that will permit me to boot from a DVD or USB drive instead of the hard drive. So at this point, I cannot use the bootable recovery disk that I prepared. I understand that there is now UEFI technology that controls booting.

The new computer is faster than the old one so you have to try tapping F12 as soon as you turn the computer on to get to the boot menu. Keep tapping without waiting for any screen. You can also use the built in solution--which is useless if the computer won't boot so you need to know the tapping trick. Open Settings, Updates and Security, Recovery to see the options. I recently purchased a new Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming computer with Windows 10 installed.

I'm facing a low-brightness problem. Very low And the laptop brightness dims when charger is unplugged The computer has two video boards one integrated and one dedicated. I have made the brightness full through the function keys, but still the screen is opaque and the brightness is very low. Please help me to change this problem. After reinstalling windows True color app is missing. Can anyone please give me link of true color app Please.

Hey, I have bought a dell inspiron gaming laptop about 2 months ago.. I facing few problems.. The laptop heats a lot at the bottom even when I do browsing only 3. Right hinge make a kind of 'tick' sound while opening and closing.. When I press it makes a small tick sound and is closed completely I'm worried to see so many issues within a year and that too for just 2 months.. The main problem is this laptop my aunt bought in United States but I live in India. I hope I will get some support through this post..

You'll need to start by transferring the warranty to India -- however, this requires: 1. Upgrading the warranty from depot repair to onsite service -- this will cost a couple of hundred dollars. That the model is sold in India -- if it's not, the warranty cannot transfer. To transfer: www. I bought this laptop a couple of weeks ago, but I've been having issues with it on the wifi at home. I've tried updating the drivers of the network, with both dell versions, and Intel versions for the card with no success.

It appears that disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't help reconnect, neither does connecting to a different access point, or changing from my 2. Time will eventually bring it back, as will restarting the PC. If it's any benefit, my home network is a tp-link archer D7, and I've also got a ubiquity access point connected as well Strangely the computer works fine on my work network.

I just feel like the laptop should be performing much better. In Win 10 you need to start tapping the key much earlier than you might think. If you do it correctly, you may see a message on the upper right of the screen stating it is entering the Bios or Boot device menu.

Also, any media to be booted as UEFI needs to be available to the system prior to any boot or restart. You cannot wait until after the system starts to boot to insert such media. When both notebook screen and external monitor are on set to "Duplicate" , everything is fine.

I can have full FPS just when playing only on notebook screen. Hi mahdi,Thanks for posting. Apologies that your computer is not working the way you expected. You might try those to see if it resolves your issue. I was not able to solve this problem probably it's some bug in drivers from Intel. Currently I am using the latest ones from Dell website. I would be very happy if someone could help me to solve this problem as it drives me crazy to not be able to enjoy full gaming performance of this laptop.

Inspiron 15 Gaming , bought few months ago, within warranty. Every time the screen become blurry after laptop wakes form sleep. Can not find solution online. Maybe somebody can help, thanks a lot. Does the Mini Vacuum Cooler fit at the back air vent?

The cooler is too small i think as what i've seen at youtube. Please answer. Hi all, I am planning on purchasing the 15" laptop shown below: www. I ideally want a relatively high capacity, at least 2TB. However, anything above that would be better.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a compataible HDD? Hi Cosmos12,Thanks for posting. I got a new dell gaming laptop less than 2 months ago. Yesterday I turned on my computer and noticed that even when the actual fans were making almost no noise, there was still a fairly loud and irritating sound coming from the right side of my computer.

Have just bought a new Inspiron 15 Gaming and noticed that the battery doesn't seem to last nearly as long as the reviews I read. I haven't done a formal check but seem to get only around 4 hours of use, and not particularly hard use I don't use it for gaming or much in the way of graphics as it's for business. Is there any way of checking whether the battery is actually the battery that the configuation says it is?

I would expect a 74 WHr battery to last a full working day, especially when new. I guess I could take off the bottom cover to check but wondered if there was some other way. There didn't seem to be anything in the BIOS that identifies the battery. I should add that I'm running Linux. Your power management settings should list the battery type - there's only one for this model. If you're looking for all-day battery run, get a system with the smallest, lowest resolution screen you can live with -- and an i3 or Celeron CPU.

Dear all, Yesterday I received the new Inspirion gaming As it only has gb in the m. I tried to add a Crucial MX which I had in an old computer but it won't find it. Are there any known compatibility issues between Dell and some SSD's manufacturers or are there any other solutions?

Thank you in advance! If you can't find the drivers on Dell. That is if the drivers exist. I've been having problems with the screen of my Inspiron 15 gaming. The screen turns to still static if i close the laptop and open it again and the mouse is semi-visible but is still just a lighter square of static that i can move freely.

I started having this problem along with some screen flickering that no longer appears after connecting my laptop to a tv through an HDMI cable. Can anyone help me fix it? Please follow the instructions in link below to safety install the latest BIOS version.

I have an Inspiron 15 gaming laptop 4k screen, HQ model and I wanted to some 4k video I downloaded but the playback is practically unwatchable since it is choppy and sometimes the audio stops just so the video can catch up. I know that the 4k video file is OK since it plays perfectly on my 4k tv, but with specs like HQ and Ti 4k playback shouldn't be an issue, especially since Kaby-Lake chips natively support 4k content.

Hi all! Which one you would buy? Thanks in advance! Hi, I'm thinking of getting the Inspiron 15 gaming but was wondering why they don't sell the red version in Belgium. Good day, So i have a Dell inspiron 15 gaming laptop. It won't start up at all. What is the current OS installed on the system? Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records. Let us know if you have any other queries. Open the base cover to see what's installed - it could be an M.

It could equally well be a 2. I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming laptop yesterday, and it's all great, except for one thing that kept me up for hours last night without getting very far. In short, Realtek High Definition Audio does not seem to be available or even compatible with the system. The tab for enhancements for recording devices containing noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation is missing.

What I have tried Installing audio drivers from Dell's website. I think this may have changed the name of the sound controller under Device Manager from High Definition Audio Device to Realtek Audio, but other than that nothing changed. This is in spite of the fact that the installer states that it is a Realtek High Definition Audio driver.

Updating the audio drivers via device manager. Device manager states that the drivers are up to date. Installing audio drivers from Realtek's website. Attempting to do this left the installer in an endless loop, stating that it was trying to uninstall the current drivers, restarting, and then simply repeating the same process.

It seems that the previous drivers simply 'respawn' as soon as the system restarted. So then I tried: Uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling using the installer on Realtek's website. I tried using both Device Manager and Control Panel's When i start playing games , theres a loud fan noise which is bothering me so much. Anyone help me with this.

I just bought this laptop a day ago. You visit support. Click drivers and download on the left hand-side. Then click find it myself and install the latest BIOS. Let us know if this helps. I received a Inspiron 15 gaming laptop for Christmas and so far whenever I attempt to download any program like Steam, Blizzard Battle Net or Origin the screen will freeze and display this.

I've called tech support four different times to fix this problem and seemingly we've done everything but nothing will stop the screen from appearing. While running one of the tests for the video graphics, the laptop also gave me a blue error screen which was the cherry on top of all of this. Is there anything I can do before I have to just return the system? Is it normal for the laptop to heat up that fast and until what temperature can this laptop operate without damaging its component? Best looking resolution set on dota with maximum FPS Size : x 60Hz Im wondering will my laptop be ok if I continue to operate with such condition or should I reduce the resolution and FPS because the laptop is very hot and the fan is spinning fast and loud.

Any suggestion can my laptop support such game play and what temperature can this laptop operate without damaging it? Hi, I had bought my laptop in late September of and am just outside of my warranty period. I use this laptop for school work involves some autocad and waveforms work. Recently the display has started flashing black with it being more off than on.

This makes the laptop unusable for me as I now have to connect it to an external monitor to use it. With the desktop extended or cloned the external monitor works fine through HDMI and the laptop screen flashes and pulses.

Some times the screen works fine for a minute and then will go back to flashing. The first couple of times it happened was while in fullscreen mode watching youtube. I would close chrome and it would start working normally. This put me down a software path. I have tried updating both the intel video drivers and the Nvidia drivers. My current drivers are Nvidia: I recently also updated my BIOS drivers to 1. No adjustments I have made in software has made it better and it seems to be getting worse with time.

The screen on this one is the 4k touchscreen.

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