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Martingale betting football parlays

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In theory, the Martingale strategy is well-known as a no-lose system. Besides that, its simplicity is what makes it so famous among bettors, no matter if they are professionals or casual ones. Also, you can apply it to both sports betting and casino. But, let's find out more is that applicable in practice. Martingale betting system originates from the 18 th century. The legend says that it was invented by a casino owner in London in the s.

The basics of the Martingale strategy lay in the fact that you should double your bet stake each time you lose. You will win a wager eventually, which leaves you with sure profits. From the mathematical perspective, you can always return your stake at least. This conclusion makes the Martingale betting system so accessible. However, you need to take into account other factors that can quickly turn things around, which can leave you with an empty bankroll.

These factors can be limited bankrolls, wagering limits, or casino regulations. All of them can hurt the Martingale strategy in the long term. You should always be aware that perfect conditions do not exist in gambling. So, according to the Martingale system, you should double your bets by the time you win.

You should stick to this pattern every time you lose a bet. But what happens when you eventually win? You should reset your stake to the starting amount and kick off the cycle all over again. Ultimately, you can recoup all your losses with a winning bet. It sounds great, doesn't it? However, you shouldn't get carried away to apply it right away, knowing that it will guarantee profits. We have already mentioned some constraints, but another pretty dangerous one is called gambler's fallacy.

This one refers to the failure to understand that each bet is a separate event. If you were unsuccessful three times in a row, that does not mean you won't lose the fourth bet. The probability of failure remains the same as with the first three bets. Even professional bettors can enter a losing streak, which can last for quite a time. But, if you rely on the Martingale strategy, your bankroll won't withstand that streak. Therefore, this system is not risk-free by all means, and you would need to have a substantial amount of money in your bankroll.

Eventually, you can make the system work for you with the wise choice of bets. So, if you are looking for some professional tips to try out the Martingale strategy, head to Billy's List and sign up for free. Don't miss my latest betting secrets! Join the waiting list now for the best betting pick service in the USA! Sign up now. As we have already said, gamblers can apply the Martingale strategy in casino and sports betting as well.

While you can simply double your stake when spinning a Roulette wheel since the odds are always the same, in sports betting, there can be a few adjustments. When placing a wager on a sporting event, you need to take into consideration the odds, since they are not the same for every bet. If your idea is just to recoup the losses from your previous losing bet, you need to calculate the stake of the subsequent one.

Don't worry, the maths behind this is simple, and we will help you learn the formula quickly. Just divide the total forfeits with the decimal odds, and the resulting amount should be your next stake. Of course, if you want to make some extra profits from the bet, you can increase the stake a bit. Let's dip into more detail and see how the Martingale system works for different sports. We are going to keep it simple and use an NFL game to explain the approach.

Next week, you decide to back the Patriots again, but you need to increase the stake to recoup forfeits made from the previous week. Find the best Sportsbook! Let's go! This time, we are going to see how it looks like in a four-bet losing streak. Let's say we are ahead of the last quarter of the regular season and take NBA as a reference. New York Knicks have another disappointing campaign, and their score after 60 games is 15 wins and 45 defeats. It is a fair assumption that they will lose at least once before the playoffs start.

They play Cleveland Cavaliers, and your sportsbook offers the following odds:. You place a bet on the Cavaliers to win, but if the Knicks celebrate, you will have the chance to recoup your forfeits in the next game against the Raptors at the odds of If you choose to increase the stake a bit, then you can count on extra profits. And yes, the Raptors pulled a dominant win, and you won your bet.

If you prefer wagering on tennis , you may try with the following approach. Pick a player whose chances of winning a tournament are very slim to place wagers against it. Likely, he or she cannot go further than the quarter-finals. In case your selected player loses in the opening rounds, you may end up with profits. However, if the player reaches quarter-finals, you would need a bigger bankroll, but still, you should be able to recover forfeits.

The worst-case scenario is that the player wins the tournament. In that case, you won't be able to recover any losses. However, since just a few players lift trophies, this might be the right approach. Since this system is so popular, bettors have developed some variations that can apply to sports betting. We are presenting some of them, and you can choose which one suits you the best. Mini Martingale strategy is the variation which can help you avoid huge losses.

It prevents you from doubling your stake, which means that you can spread out your bankroll. This way, it is harder to empty your entire bankroll due to a long losing streak. However, the long term profits are smaller.

Reverse Martingale strategy focuses on doubling down your stake after winnings, rather than doubling it after a loss. It can prevent you from making a significant loss. However, the critical factor in being successful is knowing where to stop. Only one losing bet can wipe out all profits you made during your winning streak.

Therefore, you need to be confident in your picks, but not greedy. The best advice is to keep your runs to three or four games, and then start all over again. Grand Martingale is based on the same principle as the standard Martingale system. In addition to the original version, you should add an extra unit after every loss. It means that when you win a bet, it will bring you more profits than the basic Martingale strategy.

The downside is that you may run down of money faster than usual. Basically, this means that in the long run, this system cannot bear fruit, but in some very specific cases, it can be quite useful. This system is most commonly used by roulette enthusiasts. That is so because there is a small number of gamblers who have achieved unbelievable feats using this exact system. Specifically, Charles Wells managed to break the bank twelve times within only three days by using this exact system.

He managed to win 1,, francs with a bankroll of only 4, francs. So, how does this apply to NFL betting then — well, the reason why this system is so often used by roulette bettors is because of its potential profits on even money bets. So, if you pick your bets carefully and only place even money ones on the NFL, you will be able to use this same system.

It is essentially the assumption that something is more likely to occur when it has not occurred in a while. This can mean that if a team has not won in a while, they are bound to win sometime soon, or it can be interpreted another way, if you have not won in a while, you are bound to win soon. The Martingale system is very easy to use which is perhaps why it is so popular amongst gamblers. All you need to do to prepare to use it is set your bet size.

After you have settled on how much one unit is in your case, you can start betting with this system. You start off with a single unit and if you are winning, you continue so. When you lose, you double your bet. If you keep losing, you keep doubling your bet. So, once you finally win, you will have your original stake back.

Then, you go back to betting with a single unit. This way, when you experience losing streaks, you make up for the losses and when you win, you make a small profit. So, how does this mix with NFL betting — well, you take the fundamentals of the system and use them.

For instance, some players have started using this system by playing multiple times a day. For NFL betting you would need to pick a schedule that would grant enough time in between for games to be completed and results to be out by the time you need to place your next bet.

However, you cannot just bet on any game. In theory, the Martingale system can work with any type of bet, regardless of the type of game or sport. Probability should always kick in and balance your betting session. However, as you know, when it comes to sports betting and more specifically NFL betting, things are not quite so straightforward. In order to use this system successfully, you will need to carefully select bets with odds that balance each other out and leave you with an even money wager.

On their own, NFL bets cannot be with even odds but when you combine them the right way, they can get as close as possible considering that this is the gambling industry. An advantage of this system is that it is quite simple and can be quite profitable in the short term. Even novice players can give it a shot and make some money with it. Not losing at all is a perfect scenario but in reality, making profits from your losses is the next best thing.

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There are two ways to place football parlay bets, and both are quite simple. Bear in mind that you can also fill out a parlay card either online or on a designated Kiosk. Once you or the ticket writer has filled the card, you are supposed to visit the sportsbook desk to place the bet.

In the case of an online platform, the process is as simple as clicking a button. As attractive as they sound, the number one thing you need to know about parlays is that they are not wagers that should be placed consistently basis. Use them sparingly and only under the right circumstances. Know how to identify good parlays and uncover how to read football odds. While the large payout potentials may be appealing, avoid chasing those payouts just for the sake of it.

Not only is this approach bad, but it will also almost certainly cost you money in the long haul. Only place wagers that set you up for the highest chances of winning. However, there is one general rule that you should try to stick to. Essentially, this is the key to betting football parlays effectively. Instead, the objective is often to find the bets that bring you the most positive expected value.

Therefore, the only way to make consistent and regular profits is to identify value in the betting markets. And of course, you would want to maximize that value as best as you can. In that sense, parlays can be a great way to do this only under the right circumstances.

Still, on the question of betting football parlays and the right timing, you have to do your quick math before making your move quickly. For instance, if you want to multiply the value of parlays exponentially, you have to identify value in more than one selection.

You would also want to combine those selections into a single wager. However, when you do win, your overall returns are boosted remarkably. Also, picks that offer value as standalone wagers do not automatically offer better value when you combine them into multiple wagers. The thing with parlay betting is that it is just not as straightforward as many players assume. You have to choose your spots very carefully. If you are not sure whether the best option is to place a parlay or single wagers, then try and stick to the single wagers.

When you decide to moneyline odds for parlay betting, the bets will be relative to the odds of each of your selections within that parlay. In this case, your odds will go up if you pick several underdogs, but your odds will be lower if you decide to select the big favorites. This makes moneyline parlays a great option for an annual trip to Vegas, where the idea is to go big or go home.

However, parlay betting for people who take their sports seriously may not be a reasonable betting strategy since they are too high risk. There are two instances when football parlays can be winning bets. The first case is obvious; when neither of the sides, moneylines or totals picked is a loser. The other case where a parlay wager can still be considered a winner is in case of a tie or a game is canceled. Like any other types of wagers, not all parlay payouts are the same.

Sports betting sites could have varying odds for the selection of events that are picked in a parlay. This ends up being quite confusing when looking at games that have varying odds and payouts for the same parlay. Moreover, the said odds could be changing at any time, and so, you must confirm before placing your parlay wager.

Payouts for a parlay are fixed by the time the bet is placed. While the odds and lines for a given game could change, the parlay odds and lines will not be altered by the house after you place the wager. In case the lines change in your favor as you bet, you can place another parlay wager with the fresh line.

There are two different ways in which parlay payouts can be calculated, either using true odds or fixed odds. For fixed odds, all the selections in a parlay have to be at odds. Therefore, they are commonly used for parlays that involve total selections and point spread. The number of selections in the wager is directly related to payouts. The odds will generally vary at different betting sites. The method for true odds is a little different.

Therefore, the payout is the same as if you were to bet on each selection continuously and individually, then roll the initial stake and the winnings onto the next selection. All things considered, true odds for parlays offer more value than fixed odds parlays. Check out this betting calculator to see what payouts you can expect from a wager. These benefits include:.

Here are a few precautions you must keep in mind if you are to do things the right way. By now, you should already have understood how true odds and fixed odds parlays are different. You should know, most betting sites often automatically use true odds rather than fixed-odds to calculate the potential earnings of this type of wager. This will always be the case if any of your picks have any other odds except So, a good trick here is always to try to include such a selection.

Doing so basically forces a betting site into paying out at the better odds. Never risk a huge chunk of your betting cash on any specific bet. Despite the fact that at first glance, it might make sense, you should know that this theory is ultimately flawed. As it turns out, the Martingale betting system continues to draw the attention of many gambling enthusiasts, including such who are intrigued by football.

Some punters decide to give it a try due to the fact that it works in an extremely straightforward manner, whereas others, are allured by the idea that the system is infallible. No matter what the case is, you should know that even if you apply this progressive betting system , this is definitely not a guarantee of success as more often than not, the result is just the opposite to the expectations.

That is the reason why it is advised to think through whether there will be any use of utilizing the Martingale betting system. Interestingly enough, the betting system is employed predominantly while reveling in casino games which give players the chance to make even-money stakes.

Thus, gambling aficionados are allowed to make use of the Martingale betting system while they are playing blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and also while they are wagering on sports such as soccer, and various other. One of the main reasons why so many sports bettors turn their eyes to the betting system is that it comprises only two basic steps which should be followed.

According to the first rule, gamblers are required to double the size of their bet each time when they experience a loss. In the event that they have scored a win, they are required to bet as much as one base unit. There are many knowledgeable football bettors who consider that betting systems can help them confine the losses when the conditions are not that beneficial, and to make the most out of the situation when the conditions are in their favor. When it comes to utilizing the Martingale betting system while wagering on soccer, gamblers should know that they can do so, provided that they are given the chance to make several stakes which offer even money.

Soccer lovers should bear in mind that while they are picking up the events on which they are going to gamble, they should make certain that the odds they are presented with are as close to evens as possible. Despite the fact that it might seem like an onerous task, it is advised to check some of the leading virtual bookies as quite often, they give football lovers the chance to go for goal-line markets or Asian Handicap betting which sometimes, might bring such odds.

Thus, you will have the chance to apply the Martingale betting system, provided that you have managed to find sufficient even-money shots. Still, it is important to note that this is only half of the job you need to do, as you should also check whether the odds will bring you good value at all.

That is the reason why soccer lovers are advised to make use of their knowledge, and of statistics so that they could figure out if the odds are advantageous. Unfortunately, your bet has turned out to be a losing one, so you have decided to proceed with utilizing the Martingale betting system. Thus, according to it, your next stake should be twice as big as your initial stake.

Thus, gamblers should continue to mount their stakes until they manage to make a correct prediction. Despite the fact that the Martingale betting system might seem to you as an unfailing way to enjoy some nice wins, the biggest problem remains that soccer lovers will be required to mount their stakes at quite fast paces. For that reason, they will need a large bankroll. As you can see, the pace at which the size of your stakes grows is staggering, which makes the Martingale betting system inappropriate for gamblers who do not have that many finances at their disposal.

In addition to this, gamblers should not forget that in most cases, they are required to comply with specific bet limits as well. Thus, it might turn out that you have hit these limits before you have managed to enjoy the win which is expected to recoup for the losses you have had.

Hence, you will be compelled to give up on the progression before you have managed to see it through. As you can see, the Martingale betting system is inherently hazardous, which means that when you experience a longer run of consecutive losses, your stake will surge sharply, thus reaching some quite high levels. As it was already stated, one of the most obvious reasons why the Martingale betting system is so well-liked is that it is inherently simple.

In essence, it does not involve making any complicated calculations which means that in practice, every soccer lover can give it a go. Still, the question which arises now is whether it is a good idea to apply the Martingale betting system while you are wagering on football at all. One of the biggest downsides which are associated with this betting progression is that football devotees should possess a big bankroll.

As it turns out, what makes most of the soccer lovers to turn their eyes to the betting progression is that it is quite often described as a guaranteed way to enjoy a nice profit. Still, this goal is achievable provided that the funds you have are infinite, or at least that you have a large bankroll and you do not mind to put at risk larger amounts of money.

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