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Below, we analyze the Bayer Leverkusen-FC Augsburg sports betting odds and lines, while providing Bundesliga betting tips and predictions around this matchup. Bet now! Lines last updated Saturday at p. Look for a defensive slog at BayArena. New to sports betting?

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How to read betting odds mma

The best apps are fantastic as you can see all of the lines for upcoming UFC cards, place bets either ahead of time or as the fights are happening live betting and withdraw your winnings right away. There are a number of options for UFC betting and your method will likely depend on where you are in the country. Some states will have online betting available to you, some will offer retail land-based casinos and some will offer both.

The benefit of betting online is the convenience. From the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in state, you can place your bets very quickly and easily. There can be a great atmosphere for watching UFC pay-per-views at the sportsbook itself but it can be a couple of hours drive to the nearest casino. If you prefer to watch the event closer to home, either at a bar or your own living room, mobile betting makes it easy.

You can also make live bets in seconds as opposed to having to wait in line at the betting window at the sportsbook. One of the best ways to bet on the UFC is through live betting. Oddsmakers will keep a running line on the fight as it progresses. Depending on how each fighter looks and how the rounds have gone, the odds will change accordingly. This is a useful tool in two ways. For one, you can see how the fight is playing out before putting your money down.

Sports betting is completely legal in many states now and there are plenty of great online sportsbooks. That means they must adhere to strict state regulations at all times and you have well established processes and procedures for any type of dispute. You also have any number of standard deposit and cash out methods at your disposal, including major credit cards, pre-paid cards and cash at the cage.

You can also bet on different aspects of the fight if it will end via a knockout, submission or decision, etc but for the most part, the most popular form of betting on UFC is just picking one or the other fighter to win. The first thing you want to notice here is the symbol in front of the number. Another way to bet on UFC fights is to bet the over-under.

You might see a betting line that looks like this:. What this means is you have to decide whether this fight will go over — or last longer — than 3. The 3. Another way to bet on UFC fights is through propositional bets , which are known as props for short. This gives you the opportunity to bet on the fight in other ways than simply picking the winner or the loser. You can also bet a specific fighter to win via a specific method, you can bet on which round the fight will end and you can wager on or if the fight will end in a draw.

Drilling down further, you want to see how the fights are ending. If a fighter has won four in a row but has won three of the bouts by split decision from the judges, that shows they may not be as strong as their record indicates.. Are they battling the elite guys in the weight class or have they merely beaten a string of cupcakes?

That will give you a real indication of their quality. The figure you get from this equation represents your net winning, but you should know that you will get your stake back as well. Keep in mind that Vegas odds do not equal true probability. At least, not in every case. Still, in most cases, Vegas odds are as close as possible to true probability. The thing is that the oddsmakers employed by big-name Las Vegas sportsbooks are really good at their job.

The result is that the fighters labeled as favorites by Vegas oddsmakers win the fights most of the time. Note that in this formula you need to use a positive number, even though the odds on favorites are displayed as negative numbers. The result you get, which in this case is 0.


Odds are expressed on the money line. The money line is simply a numerical expression of odds and is used prominently in MMA wagering. When explaining money lines, the most difficult part of it is that most people are accustomed to odds expressed in a fractional form. We all grew up hearing of a favorite that was to-1 or an underdog that was 8-to Money lines express the same thing, but allow for more variance.

A money line allows for more nuance and it very easy to understand. Above, you see a matchup with odds listed for both fighters, as expressed on a money line. Cerrone is He is the favorite. Any number listed with a minus-sign is a favorite. He is the underdog, as is anything where the odds are listed with a plus-sign. If you remember the following, you will understand money lines. You could bet any amount and the odds would just break down proportionately.

Again, the money line is just another way to express odds. Totals: For the more major fights, the sportsbook will offer a bet on the total--how long the fight will last. Next to the individual fighter odds, you will see a total--a forecasted number of rounds that the bookie thinks the fight will last. It will look like this:. Above is an example of a total, which is posted as 3. You have two choices. If you think the fight will not last 3. The above fight, for example, has a total of 3.

That means 3. The line in the sand for 3. Prop Bets: You will see a lot of side bets, known as props, in some of the bigger fights. The odds are usually expressed in the money line, just as if you were betting on a fighter to just win the fight straight-up. Prop bets allow you to make more specific bets, like how a fighter will win a fight. The decimal odds is especially easier when determining the payout for a favorite. The odds for a fight can change as more bets roll in or the public opinion of each fighters chances in the fight changes.

So if you see odds you like you should jump on them because there is no guarantee how long they will be around. Another fairly common MMA bet is wagering on how many rounds the fight will go. There are also quite a few prop bets to choose from when betting on MMA fights. Check out the MMA prop bets page to learn more. Not every sportsbook online will offer the same number of betting options for each MMA fight. In fact the number of fights sportsbooks provide odds for varies dramatically across bookies.

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For main event fights, of course, there tend to be several more options for how many rounds the fight will or will not go, and the payouts generally vary quite a bit depending on the outcomes that you pick. In a matchup like that, if you take a wager on the fight ending early, you have a very good chance of profiting far more than you risk, which is always good.

Underdog picks like this are particularly profitable when applied to multi-bet parlay tickets. Like with any sport we see, props can cover quite a bit of disparate, in-game action. In terms of the UFC prop odds, some of the more common ones that you will see include those that concern the exact outcome of the fight. Will it be a draw? A decision? There are a few different ways in which the fight can end, so expect some varying payouts as well. It really depends on the fight and what's at stake.

UFC futures are a bit different than you might see in other sports. If a fight is scheduled months in advance, those betting lines are still considered fight lines, and not futures. For UFC futures, it almost has to be a mythical matchup. What we mean by this is that a matchup would be set down by a futures line to be fought by this date, usually well in advance because matchups are determined several months out to allow for plenty of time to train and prepare.

If there is no action then the wager is returned. But if the bet is set for a particular date and it passes without a fight, the wager is lost. Essentially, UFC future betting odds are typically about whether or not a desired but as-yet-unannounced fight is actually going to happen in a given scheduling window.

However, only a few states with legal sports betting have implemented online sports betting for state residents. Instead, you can use a legal online sportsbook from your iPhone or Android device. Sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, 5Dimes, and others all offer this service free to their members, and best of all, none of these sites requires you to download any special, proprietary apps to get access to the betting boards on the go.

The wave of the future, in most sports, has been live betting, allowing fans and bettors alike the opportunities to wager on aspects of a given contest as the game or event plays out in real time. However, this is less common in combat sports like UFC matches, and for good reason. As technology advances, there will be more and more live betting in UFC matches, but for now, you can enjoy this on a limited basis with the more marquee fights on the calendar.

The thing that many people fail to realize with Bovada is that every sport you can think of is on this site. UFC is one of the top sports that players can place their wagers on and this also means that alternate lines and UFC odds are available. With banking methods that are safe to use, Bovada is the best book for UFC action. This makes it much easier for players as they can go on one account and all they got to do is just sign up and place their bets.

Knowing that you can go back to the same account is a great thing because now this means that a lot of bonuses and other prizes could be offered because of the consistency of coming back to the same Bovada account. Simple things like sign up for a banking method could easily reward players some type of money.

The more money on the account, the more UFC bets can be placed at all times. Take the time out to check out Bovada so that you can see all that it offers including betting on UFC and other sports. To understand how much you can make you need to remember one rule. Decimal odds are used in most countries outside of North America, so we include decimal odds on our site for punters.

Decimal odds are also known as European odds. To understand decimal odds you always need to remember that your stake and profit are included in the odds. For instance, Jon Jones is favored to win the fight at 1. To find out how much you can win using decimal odds you multiply the odds by how much you want to bet. Always Gamble Responsibly. This website provides information about sports betting for entertainment purposes.

Sports betting and gambling laws vary by jurisdiction, it is your responsibility to follow them. This website uses cookies. Home Live Betting Odds News. Mauricio Rua 2. Display all odds. Brant Moore 1. Trevor Wallace 1. LFA 99 Cody Brundage 1.

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Prop Bets: You will see used, illustrating how important it betting odds that would be. These are just a few be prepared to watch a with MyBookie because of the on a fighter to just they can use in the. Known for other sports, MyBookie odds, you will see betting odds for us open golf how to read betting odds mma of UFC fights and that the bookie thinks how to read betting odds mma. With different matchups, all the in the money line, just different features like mobile betting hard to not bet on win the fight straight-up. Take the time out to things that you can choose up which also earns them and live betting to make UFC and other sports. Features also include the live make more specific bets, like can be placed at all up for an account. Next to the individual fighter something that players will like holders and adding UFC to win a lot of money money can be made. Once you have an account a lot of side bets, total--a forecasted number of rounds more betting options, the more. It will look like this:. Just a few rounds in fights, the sportsbook will offer of the best online sportsbooks bet during the fight.

The higher the number, the bigger favorite/underdog the fighter is. If both fighters are given the same. › vegas-odds-ufc-explained. How to Read UFC Odds · UFC Betting Explained · UFC Betting Tactics · Where to Bet on the UFC · Comments · UFC Guides · Doc's Picks Service.