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Some features of this site may not work without it. Viser treff av Tittel Utgivelsesdato Registreringsdato Forfatter stigende synkende 5 10 20 40 60 80 This thesis has the aim of develop and improve methods used in an ongoing research project at the University of Stavanger, where the plant mimosa pudi- cas response to change in its illuminative conditions is being Bladder cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the world, with Prognostic value of the current grading systems are low, with only Bladder cancer is the tenth most common cancer type, where urothelial carcinoma is the most common type of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer has been classified as the most expensive type of cancer per patient, as the need Bladder cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the world, where urothelial carcinoma is the most common one. Bladder cancer is one of the most economically expensive cancers to treat, as follow up is needed over a long State machine replication is a common applied technique for building fault-tolerant services. The technique uses a collection of replicas to mask failures. All replicas are provided the same sequence of operations requests , This technology has developed over Corums is a novel framework made for simplifying the process of building fault-tolerant systems.

In this thesis, we investigate whether Corums is suitable for implementing a practical fault-tolerant service by using it to A number of companies, research establishments and universities worldwide are currently researching the use of Ultra Wideband radar technology to conduct non-contact and non-invasive measurements of heartbeat. This thesis provides a viable solution to the challenge of real-time estimation of people's positions inside a building during emergency situations.

Such estimates can be extremely valuable to emergency responders by Cloud computing has been adopted at faster rates due to its advantages, that are brought to the customers over the Internet. Usage of various services over the Internet is quite high.

Temporally, the data were acquired from April to September Data were recorded at intervals of 5 seconds. Photoluminescence of Er in SiOx. Erbium-doped SiO x is prepared by molecular beam epitaxy. The influence of Er on the incorporation of O is studied by using Auger spectroscopy.

Photoluminescence PL peaks around the wave-length of 1. The relationship between PL intensity and annealing temperature is discussed. The temperature dependence of the PL intensity shows an exponential decay with an activation energy of 12 meV at low temperatures K. A Phenomenological Study on Lack of Motivation. The aim of this research is to point out the underlying reasons about the lack of motivation at academic activities concerning Attribution Theory.

Attribution Theory trys to understand how the people answer "why" question and how they do casual explanations. This research is a qualitative based research. It used the phenomenological…. Architecture and permeability of post-cytokinesis plasmodesmata lacking cytoplasmic sleeves. Plasmodesmata are remarkable cellular machines responsible for the controlled exchange of proteins, small RNAs and signalling molecules between cells.

They are lined by the plasma membrane PM , contain a strand of tubular endoplasmic reticulum ER , and the space between these two membranes is thought to control plasmodesmata permeability. Here, we have reconstructed plasmodesmata three-dimensional 3D ultrastructure with an unprecedented level of 3D information using electron tomography. We show that within plasmodesmata, ER -PM contact sites undergo substantial remodelling events during cell differentiation.

Instead of being open pores, post-cytokinesis plasmodesmata present such intimate ER -PM contact along the entire length of the pores that no intermembrane gap is visible. Later on, during cell expansion, the plasmodesmata pore widens and the two membranes separate, leaving a cytosolic sleeve spanned by tethers whose presence correlates with the appearance of the intermembrane gap.

Surprisingly, the post-cytokinesis plasmodesmata allow diffusion of macromolecules despite the apparent lack of an open cytoplasmic sleeve, forcing the reassessment of the mechanisms that control plant cell-cell communication. Er internethandel kommet for at blive? Eller er det bare krisen som kradser? The discriminative power of ESR1 suggested bimodal expression as an efficient way to stratify breast cancer; therefore we identified a set of genes Den der ser, er den, der ses. Afhandlingen indleder med at beskrive de unges liv i en globalisering.

Teorier af Maurice Merleau Vejen til helvede er brolagt med frelste intentioner. Er vi netop ikke blevet i Afghanistan grundet moralske principper? The ER in 3-D: a multifunctional dynamic membrane network. The endoplasmic reticulum ER is a large, singular, membrane-bound organelle that has an elaborate 3-D structure with a diversity of structural domains. It contains regions that are flat and cisternal, ones that are highly curved and tubular, and others adapted to form contact with nearly every other organelle and with the plasma membrane.

ER 3-D structure is determined by both integral ER membrane proteins and by interactions with the cytoskeleton. Here, we describe some of the factors that Background ER , a novel compound, is a derivate of indeno-isoquinoline ketone. This study was designed to evaluate the biological activity and potential anti-tumor mechanism of ER Method MTT assay, scratch assay and flow cytometry were used to determine cell proliferation, cell migration and cell cycle distribution as well as cell apoptosis on human breast cancer MCF-7 cells and endometrial cancer Ishikawa cells.

Forskelle i moms, kvalitet The parasite cycles between its insect procyclic form and mammalian hosts bloodstream form. Trypanosomes lack conventional transcription regulation, and their genes are transcribed in polycistronic units that are processed by trans-splicing and polyadenylation. Trypanosomes lack the machinery for the unfolded protein response UPR, which in other eukaryotes is induced under endoplasmic reticulum ER stress.

Trypanosomes respond to such stress by changing the stability of mRNAs, which are essential for coping with the stress. However, under severe ER stress that is induced by blocking translocation of proteins to the ER , treatment of cells with chemicals that induce misfolding in the ER , or extreme pH, trypanosomes elicit the spliced leader silencing SLS pathway. SLS leads to complete shut-off of trans-splicing. I summarize the evidence supporting the notion that SLS is a programmed cell death PCD pathway that is utilized by the parasites to substitute for the apoptosis observed in higher eukaryotes under prolonged ER stress.

I present the hypothesis that SLS evolved to expedite the death process, and rapidly remove from the population unfit parasites that, by elimination via SLS, cause minimal damage to the parasite population. The irradiated target was dissolved in hydrochloric acid solution and gentle warming. The radiochemical purity of Er Cl 3 was determined by paper chromatography, thin layer chromatography and paper electrophoresis techniques.

The solution of Er Cl 3 formed was obtained with the pH of 1. The solution has the radiochemical purity of Roman: Hassan Preislers vellykkede debutroman udleverer ikke bare multikulti-industrien. Er Web 2. Men en af de mest signifikante er om netop din virksomhed skal anvende Web 2. Evaluating the potential bioactivity of a novel compound ER ER , a novel compound, is a derivate of indeno-isoquinoline ketone.

MTT assay, scratch assay and flow cytometry were used to determine cell proliferation, cell migration and cell cycle distribution as well as cell apoptosis on human breast cancer MCF-7 cells and endometrial cancer Ishikawa cells. The expression of estrogen receptor protein was investigated with western-blot analysis.

In conclusion, our results demonstrated that ER has favorable bioactivities to be a potential candidate against breast cancer and angiogenesis. Full Text Available ER , a novel compound, is a derivate of indeno-isoquinoline ketone. Conceptualising the lack of health insurance coverage.

This paper examines the lack of health insurance coverage in the US as a public policy issue. It first compares the problem of health insurance coverage to the problem of unemployment to show that in terms of the numbers of individuals affected lack of health insurance is a problem comparable in importance to the problem of unemployment.

Secondly, the paper discusses the methodology involved in measuring health insurance coverage, and argues that the current method of estimation of the uninsured underestimates the extent that individuals go without health insurance. Third, the paper briefly introduces Amartya Sen's functioning and capabilities framework to suggest a way of representing the extent to which individuals are uninsured.

Fourth, the paper sketches a means of operationalizing the Sen representation of the uninsured in terms of the disability-adjusted life year DALY measure. Laura: Soybean variety lacking Kunitz trypsin inhibitor. Full Text Available Grain of conventional soybean varieties requires heat processing to break down trypsin inhibitor's activity before using as food or animal feed. At the same time, protein denaturation and other qualitative changes occur in soybean grain, especially if the temperature of heating is not controlled.

Two types of trypsin inhibitor were found in soybean grain the Kunitz trypsin inhibitor and the Bowman-Birk inhibitor. Mature grain of soybean Laura is lacking Kunitz trypsin inhibitor. Grain yield of variety Laura is equal to high yielding varieties from the maturity group I, where it belongs. Lacking of Kunitz-trypsin inhibitor makes soybean grain suitable for direct feeding in adult non ruminant animals without previous thermal processing. Grain of variety Laura can be processed for a shorter period of time than conventional soybeans.

This way we save energy, and preserve valuable nutritional composition of soybean grain, which is of interest in industrial processing. Helsekonsekvenser av vektendring - er slanking fordelaktig? En litteraturoversikt. Unntaket er diabetes,der vekttap i enkelte studier samvarierer med redusert sykelighet.

Dette tilsynelatende paradoks diskuteres i artikkelen — bl. Personer med. Full Text Available The unfolded protein response UPR, induced by endoplasmic reticulum ER stress, regulates the expression of factors that restore protein folding homeostasis. However, in the liver and kidney, ER stress also leads to lipid accumulation, accompanied at least in the liver by transcriptional suppression of metabolic genes. The mechanisms of this accumulation, including which pathways contribute to the phenotype in each organ, are unclear.

We found that impaired fatty acid oxidation contributed to the early development of steatosis in the liver but not the kidney, while anorexia-induced lipolysis promoted late triglyceride and free fatty acid accumulation in both organs. These findings provide evidence for both direct and indirect regulation of peripheral metabolism by ER stress.

In particular, the excitation of I,Ksub i sup.. Large magnetoresistance in Er 7Rh3. In addition, large values are observed in the magnetically ordered state. The project was entitled "Methanogenic archaea and the global carbon cycle: a systems biology approach to the study of Methanosarcina species".

The long-term goal of this multi-investigator project was the creation of integrated, multiscale models that accurately and quantitatively predict the role of Methanosarcina species in the global carbon cycle under dynamic environmental conditions. To achieve these goals we pursed four specific aims: 1 genome sequencing of numerous members of the Order Methanosarcinales, 2 identification of genomic sources of phenotypic variation through in silico comparative genomics, 3 elucidation of the transcriptional networks of two Methanosarcina species, and 4 development of comprehensive metabolic network models for characterized strains to address the question of how metabolic models scale with genetic distance.

Meot, F. In view of beam dynamics investigations regarding this project, in addition to the existing model in use in Elegant a version of CEBAF is developed in the stepwise ray-tracing code Zgoubi, Beyond the ER experiment, it is also planned to use the latter for the study of polarization transport in the presence of synchrotron radiation, down to Hall D line where a 12 GeV polarized beam can be delivered.

This Note briefly reports on the preliminary steps, and preliminary outcomes, based on an Elegant to Zgoubi translation. Nonrotational states of Er nuclei. The calculation performed gives as a whole a better agreement with experiment as compared with earlier calculations of other authors. ER and PR expression and survival after endometrial cancer.

To measure association between endometrial carcinoma ER and PR status and endometrial cancer EC survival, accounting for inter-observer variation. The intensity and proportion of tumor cell expression of ER and PR in ECs were assessed independently and semi-quantitatively by two pathologists using digital images of duplicate tumor tissue microarrays TMAs. Cases with inconsistent initial assessment were reviewed and final scoring agreed. The association between overall and EC-specific survival and hormone receptor expression intensity, proportion and combined was assessed using Cox regression analysis.

In multivariate analyses decreased ER and PR expression was associated with increased tumor-related mortality. However, hormone receptor status did not significantly improve mortality prediction in individual cases. ER and PR expression combined, using cut-points that capture variation in scoring and across cores, is significantly associated with EC-specific survival in analyses adjusting for known prognostic factors.

However, at the individual level, ER and PR expression does not improve mortality prediction. Full text: The study of odd-proton nuclei in rare-earth region has been performed to get more information on the nuclear structure of these nuclei. Spins, parities and Nilsson quantum characteristics of some Ho levels were established. Accidents in radiotherapy: Lack of quality assurance?

About radiological accidents, involving more than patients with adverse effects, 15 patient's fatalities and about staff and public exposures have been collected and analysed. The lessons learnt from the accidents are related to frequencies of direct and contributing factors and show that most of the accident are caused by lack , non-application of quality assurance QA procedures or by underestimating of QA procedures. The international system for collection of accidents and dissemination of lessons learnt from the different accidents, proposed by IAEA, can contribute to better practice in many radiotherapy departments.

Most of the accidents could have been avoided, had a comprehensive QA programme been established and properly applied in all radiotherapy departments, whatever the size. Hvad er hemmeligheden? Why does Colombia lack agricultural commodity futures? Operational durability of a giant ER valve for Braille display. The compact configuration of giant ER electrorheological valves provides the possibility of realizing a full-page Braille display.

The operational durability of ER valves is a key issue in fulfilling a Braille display. A giant ER valve was used to investigate the variations in pressure drops and critical pressure drops of the valves over a long period under some typical operational parameters.

The results indicate that neither the pressure drops nor critical pressure drops of giant ER valves show apparent deterioration over a long period. Without ER fluid exchange, a blockage appears in the channel of the valve because the ER structures induced by an external electric field cannot be broken by the Brownian motion of hydraulic oil molecules when the external electric field is removed. Forcing ER fluid flow is an effective and necessary method to keep the channel of the valve unblocked.

Thus the operational durability of the valve using giant ER fluids is able to meet the demands of Braille display. Dietary toxins, endoplasmic reticulum ER stress and diabetes. The incidence of Type 1 diabetes has been increasing at a rate too rapid to be due to changes in genetic risk. Instead changes in environmental factors are the likely culprit. The endoplasmic reticulum ER plays an important role in the production of newly synthesized proteins and interference with these processes leads to ER stress.

The insulin-producing beta cells are particularly prone to ER stress as a result of their heavy engagement in insulin production. Increasing evidence suggests ER stress is central to initiation and progression of Type 1 diabetes. An early environmental exposure, such as toxins and viral infections, can impart a significant physiological load on beta cells to initiate abnormal processing of proinsulin, ER stress and insulin secretory defects. Release of altered proinsulin from the beta cells early in life may trigger autoimmunity in those with genetic susceptibility leading to cytokine-induced nitric oxide production and so exacerbating ER stress in beta cells, ultimately leading to apoptosis of beta cells and diabetes.

Here we suggest that ER stress is an inherent cause of beta cell dysfunction and environmental factors, in particular dietary toxins derived from Streptomyces in infected root vegetables, can impart additional stress that aggravates beta cell death and progression to diabetes.

Furthermore, we propose that the increasing incidence of Type 1 diabetes may be accounted for by increased dietary exposure to ER -stress-inducing Streptomyces toxins. Artiklen argumenterer for, at det er le Reduced alcohol consumption in mice lacking preprodynorphin. Many studies suggest a role for endogenous opioid peptides and their receptors in regulation of ethanol intake.

It is commonly accepted that the kappa-opioid receptors and their endogenous ligands, dynorphins, produce a dysphoric state and therefore may be responsible for avoidance of alcohol. We used mutant mice lacking preprodynorphin in a variety of behavioral tests of alcohol actions. Null mutant female, but not male, mice showed significantly lower preference for alcohol and consumed lower amounts of alcohol in a two-bottle choice test as compared with wild-type littermates.

In the same test, knockout mice of both sexes showed a strong reduction of preference for saccharin compared to control mice. To determine the possible cause for reduction of ethanol preference and intake, we studied other ethanol-related behaviors in mice lacking the preprodynorphin gene. There were no differences between null mutant and wild-type mice in ethanol-induced loss of righting reflex, acute ethanol withdrawal, ethanol-induced conditioned place preference, or conditioned taste aversion to ethanol.

Morphological changes produced by acid dissolution in Er :YAG laser irradiated dental enamel. Several scientific reports have shown the effects of Er :YAG laser irradiation on enamel morphology. However, there is lack of information regarding the morphological alterations produced by the acid attack on the irradiated surfaces. The aim of this study was to evaluate the morphological changes produced by acid dissolution in Er :YAG laser irradiated dental enamel. Enamel morphology was evaluated before-irradiation, after-irradiation, and after-acid dissolution, by scanning electron microscopy SEM.

Sample coating was avoided and SEM analysis was performed in a low-vacuum mode. To facilitate the location of the assessment area, a reference point was marked. Morphological changes produced by acid dissolution of irradiated enamel were observed, specifically on laser-induced undesired effects. These morphological changes were from mild to severe, depending on the presence of after-irradiation undesired effects.

The ER in 3D: a multifunctional dynamic membrane network. The endoplasmic reticulum ER is a large, singular, membrane-bound organelle that has an elaborate 3D structure with a diversity of structural domains. It contains regions that are flat and cisternal, ones that are highly curved and tubular, and others adapted to form contacts with nearly every other organelle and with the plasma membrane. The 3D structure of the ER is determined by both integral ER membrane proteins and by interactions with the cytoskeleton.

In this review, we describe some of the factors that are known to regulate ER structure and discuss how this structural organization and the dynamic nature of the ER membrane network allow it to perform its many different functions. The goal of this study was to explore the tolerability, safety, and treatment response of switching from oral olanzapine to paliperidone extended release ER.

Safety and tolerability were assessed by monitoring adverse events, extrapyramidal symptoms, and weight change. Of patients, Noninferiority was confirmed for each subgroup of patients whose main reason for switching was something other than lack of efficacy. Paliperidone ER was generally well tolerated. Extrapyramidal symptoms as measured by total Extrapyramidal Symptom Rating Scale scores showed statistically significant and clinically relevant improvements at endpoint, the average weight decreased by 0.

Paliperidone ER flexibly-dosed over 6 months was well tolerated and associated with a meaningful clinical response in patients with nonacute schizophrenia who had previously been unsuccessfully treated with oral olanzapine. Using a tracer technique, self-diffusion of Er and Hf was measured over the approximate temperature interval of to 0 C in pure and HfO 2 -doped polycryatalline Er 2 O 3.

The activation energy for the self-diffusion of Er in pure Er 2 O 3 was Self-diffusion of Hf was measured in pure Er 2 O 3 having two impurity levels, and a separation of the grain boundary. The volume diffusion of Hf showed both extrinsic and intrinsic behavior with the transition temperature increasing with the impurity level present in Er 2 O 3. The activation energy for Hf volume diffusion in the intrinsic region was high, i. The grain boundary diffusion was apparently extrinsic over the entire temperature interval Very low Hf self diffusion rates were found in both pure and HfO 2 doped Er 2 O 3 compositions.

Despite a clustering effect, the HfO 2 dopant increased the Hf volume diffusion coefficients. Lack of consensus in social systems. We propose an exactly solvable model for the dynamics of voters in a two-party system. The opinion formation process is modeled on a random network of agents. The dynamical nature of interpersonal relations is also reflected in the model, as the connections in the network evolve with the dynamics of the voters.

In the infinite time limit, an exact solution predicts the emergence of consensus, for arbitrary initial conditions. However, before consensus is reached, two different metastable states can persist for exponentially long times. One state reflects a perfect balancing of opinions, the other reflects a completely static situation. An estimate of the associated lifetimes suggests that lack of consensus is typical for large systems.

Full Text Available Enamel-renal syndrome ERS is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by severe enamel hypoplasia, failed tooth eruption, intrapulpal calcifications, enlarged gingiva, and nephrocalcinosis. GlyAsp, family 2 c. Supported by the observation of severe ectopic calcifications in the kidneys of Fam20a null mice, we conclude that FAM20A, which has a kinase homology domain and localizes to the Golgi, is a putative Golgi kinase that plays a significant role in the regulation of biomineralization processes, and that mutations in FAM20A cause both AIGFS and ERS.

This proposed method is simple and less toxic compared with generally used method so far. We found that impaired fatty acid oxidation contributed to the early development of steatosis in the liver but not the kidney, while anorexia-induced lipolysis promoted late triglyceride and free fatty acid Tv nyheder: Journalistiske Idealer er under Pres. Tv-journalister har mange store idealer om god journalistik og public service.

Under ph. Men der tog jeg fejl. Jeg ledte efter forskelligheder, men fandt ligheder. During apoptosis, the process of mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization MOMP represents a point-of-no-return as it commits the cell to death. Here we have assessed the role of caspases, Bcl-2 family members and the mitochondrial permeability transition pore on ER stress-induced MOMP and subsequent cell death.

Induction of ER stress leads to upregulation of several genes such as Grp78, Edem1, Erp72, Atf4, Wars, Herp, p58ipk, and ERdj4 and leads to caspase activation, release of mitochondrial intermembrane proteins and dissipation of mitochondrial transmembrane potential DeltaPsim. Mouse embryonic fibroblasts MEFs from caspase-9, -2 and, -3 knock-out mice were resistant to ER stress-induced apoptosis which correlated with decreased processing of pro-caspase-3 and Furthermore, pretreatment of cells with caspase inhibitors Boc-D.

However, only deficiency of caspase-9 and -2 could prevent ER stress-mediated loss of DeltaPsim. Bcl-2 overexpression or pretreatment of cells with the cell permeable BH4 domain BH4-Tat or the mitochondrial permeability transition pore inhibitors, bongkrekic acid or cyclosporine A, attenuated the ER stress-induced loss of DeltaPsim. These data suggest a role for caspase-9 and -2, Bcl-2 family members and the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in loss of mitochondrial membrane potential during ER stress-induced apoptosis.

Harvard ER -2 OH laser-induced fluorescence instrument. Design and fabrication is presently underway. This experiment is a descendant of a balloon borne instrument designed and built in the mids. Although not specifically designed to do so, it is hoped that valid measurements of OH and HO2 can be made in the remote free troposphere with this instrument. Die meisten sekretorischen Proteine der eukaryontischen Zellen erreichen durch das endoplasmatische Retikulum ER den sekretorischen Signalweg.

A cataract-causing connexin 50 mutant is mislocalized to the ER due to loss of the fourth transmembrane domain and cytoplasmic domain. Mutations in the eye lens gap junction protein connexin 50 cause cataract. Earlier we identified a frameshift mutant of connexin 50 c. ThrAsnfsX47 in a family with autosomal recessive cataract. The mutant protein is smaller and contains 46 aberrant amino acids at the C-terminus after amino acid Here, we have analysed this frameshift mutant and observed that it localized to the endoplasmic reticulum ER but not in the plasma membrane.

Overexpression of the frameshift mutant partially inhibited the transport of wild type connexin 50 to the plasma membrane. A deletion mutant lacking the aberrant sequence showed predominant localization in the ER and inhibited anterograde protein transport suggesting, therefore, that the aberrant sequence is not responsible for improper localization of the frameshift mutant. Further deletion analysis showed that the fourth transmembrane domain and a membrane proximal region amino acids of the cytoplasmic domain are needed for transport from the ER and localization to the plasma membrane.

We have also identified a sequence of connexin 50 crucial for transport from the ER and localization to the plasma membrane. Sigma-1 receptor chaperone at the ER -mitochondrion interface mediates the mitochondrion- ER -nucleus signaling for cellular survival. Full Text Available The membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum ER of a cell forms contacts directly with mitochondria whereby the contact is referred to as the mitochondrion-associated ER membrane or the MAM.

Therefore, the ER -mitochondrion interface serves as an important subcellular entity in the regulation of cellular survival by enhancing the stress-responding signaling between mitochondria, ER , and nucleus. The membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum ER of a cell forms contacts directly with mitochondria whereby the contact is referred to as the mitochondrion-associated ER membrane or the MAM. The glasses in the immiscibility region were opaque due to chemical inhomogeneity, while the other glasses were colorless and transparent.

The peak shape and lifetime of the fluorescence at 1. Lack of RNase L attenuates macrophage functions. Full Text Available Macrophages are one of the major cell types in innate immunity against microbial infection. It has been demonstrated that RNase L regulates the expression of certain inflammatory genes. However, its role in macrophage function is largely unknown. The migration of BMMs was analyzed by using Transwell migration assays.

The promoter activity of Cox-2 was measured by luciferase reporter assays. Furthermore, the functional analysis of the Cox-2 promoter revealed that RNase L regulated the expression of Cox-2 in macrophages at its transcriptional level.

Taken together, our findings provide direct evidence showing that RNase L contributes to innate immunity through regulating macrophage functions. This system is extremely complicated to handle from both a theoretical and an experimental viewpoints. This theoretical work shows that over an energy range of about cm -1 , a substantial amount of transitions are likely to take place about transitions; twenty five of them are magnetic dipole allowed and seventy five are vibronically allowed.

It is then a formidable task to identify and assign all of these transitions in a non-ambiguous way. Also the experimental evidence available for these absorptions is related to a total of about twenty lines in the luminescence spectrum of this system. The spectrum itself is very challenging and the superposition of spectral features is most likely to occur. A careful analysis of the calculated vibronic intensities and overall oscillator strengths for the various transitions indicates that the current model used is both flexible and appropriate to deal with this kind of systems.

Med udgangspunkt i klimafrem- skrivnin Med udgangspunkt i klimafrem The experimental results indicate that the studied nanoparticles are promising candidates to applications such as photothermal treatments and hyperthermia. Er doping with the concentration of 2 at. We originally planned to develop a methodology for specifically isolating chromatin to assess associated proteins but due to technical limitations we developed the ChiP-on-chip technique to map ER Nuclear level density of Er with static deformation.

The level densities of Er is calculated using the microscopic theory of interacting fermions and is compared with experimental. It is concluded that the data can be reproduced with level density formalism for nuclei with static deformation. Det er Lack of efficacy of ergocalciferol repletion.

Full Text Available Introduction: Vitamin D has become an area of intensive scrutiny, both in medical and lay literature. However, there are limited data to suggest proper repletion regimens for those patients who have hypovitaminosis D. Consequently, various methods are used in clinical practice. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of various treatment strategies for hypovitaminosis D in an ambulatory internal medicine practice. Methods: A retrospective chart review between October and June of a suburban internal medicine practice was performed via query of the electronic medical record Centricity, General Electric Healthcare, UK.

Statistical analysis to assess changes in vitamin D level controlling for season, comorbidities, and demographics were used. Results: A total of treatment episodes were identified, with excluded due to lack of follow-up vitamin D level within 16 weeks, no treatment documented, topical treatment, doxercalciferol treatment, or non-compliance. Of the remaining patients, there were treatment instances on patients.

Ergocalciferol 50, international units IU was used most frequently Conclusion: Pretreatment levels of hydroxyvitamin D, BMI, season, and vitamin D dose are predictors of successful hypovitaminosis D treatment. De tilbydes Outdoor Adventure, som bryder de vante rammer for undervisning Denne artikel handler ikke om P3 som musikkanal A model for the generation and interconversion of ER morphologies.

Shemesh, Tom; Klemm, Robin W. The endoplasmic reticulum ER is an important membrane-bound organelle in all eukaryotic cells. Depending on cell type and functional state, the ER membrane can adopt different morphologies, including a network of interconnected tubules, and sheets that can contain fenestrations or be stacked on top of each other.

How these different morphologies are generated is unclear. Here, we present a comprehensive theoretical model that explains the formation and interconversion of virtually all known We then show results from Ping ER that illustrate the extent of the Digital Divide in terms of Internet performance between developed and developing regions, which developing regions are catching up, keeping up, or falling behind and the magnitude of the differences in performance between developed regions and developing regions.

This observed discrepancy might be explained by a lack of power of the study on the BC cell lines. Af disse er der 2 be Analysis of erythema after Er :YAG laser skin resurfacing. Postoperative erythema can be expected to occur in every patient after laser resurfacing, and pigmentary disturbances may be related to the intensity and the duration of erythema.

This study was undertaken to assess the clinical features of erythema, the factors that influence its duration, and the relation between the duration of erythema and the incidence of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation in skin of Asian persons after Er :YAG laser resurfacing. Clinical assessments were performed retrospectively using medical charts and serial photographs. Postoperative erythema was observed in all patients after Er :YAG laser resurfacing with a mean duration of 4.

In Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation was observed in Skin phototype, level of ablation, and depth of thermal damage caused by a long-pulsed laser appear to be important factors that affect the duration of erythema. Moreover, prolonged erythema was related to the risk of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. The peripheral endoplasmic reticulum ER forms different morphologies composed of tubules and sheets.

Proteins such as the reticulons shape the ER by stabilizing the high membrane curvature in cross-sections of tubules and sheet edges. Here, we show that membrane curvature along the edge lines is also critical for ER shaping. We describe a theoretical model that explains virtually all observed ER morphologies. The model is based on two types of curvature-stabilizing proteins that generate either straight or negatively curved edge lines R- and S-type proteins. Dependent on the concentrations of R- and S-type proteins, membrane morphologies can be generated that consist of tubules, sheets, sheet fenestrations, and sheet stacks with helicoidal connections.

Lunapark is an example of S-type proteins that promote junctions between tubules and sheets. In a tubular ER network, lunapark stabilizes three-way junctions, i. The model agrees with experimental observations and explains how curvature-stabilizing proteins determine ER morphology.

Herp enhances ER -associated protein degradation by recruiting ubiquilins. ER -associated protein degradation ERAD is a protein quality control system of ER , which eliminates misfolded proteins by proteasome-dependent degradation and ensures export of only properly folded proteins from ER. In the present study, we show that Herp interacts with members of the ubiquilin family, which function as a shuttle factor to deliver ubiquitinated substrates to the proteasome for degradation.

Our data suggest that Herp binding to ubiquilin proteins plays an important role in the ERAD pathway and that ubiquilins are specifically involved in degradation of only a subset of ubiquitinated targets, including Herp-dependent ERAD substrates.

Akane, T. Morphological change of an Er P layer on InP 0 0 1 is investigated together with that of an overgrown capping InP layer. Optimum growth condition of InP causes islanding on over-monolayer- Er P. A relatively low overgrowth temperature of InP is a key factor for attaining complete capping coverage on Er P.

Osteoporose er hyppig ved Parkinsons sygdom. The risk of developing osteoporosis, as well as Parkinson's disease PD is increased with increasing age, resulting in increased risk of fracture, particularly hip fractures. Each one of these two conditions can be debilitating and affect the individual patient's quality of life negatively. A phase plane graph based model of the ovulatory cycle lacking the "positive feedback" phenomenon.

During low GnRH secretion rates, previously downregulated pituitary GnRH receptors recover to normal levels and thus allow the next cycle. Possible implications of the presented model on several topics related to reproductive physiology are shortly discussed with some evolutionary aspects including the emergence of menopause.

An ER protein functionally couples neutral lipid metabolism on lipid droplets to membrane lipid synthesis in the ER. We show that, in S. Our results show that Ice2p functionally links LDs with the ER and explain how cells switch neutral lipid metabolism from storage to consumption. Published by Elsevier Inc.

Proteins are folded properly in the endoplasmic reticulum ER. Various stress such as hypoxia, ischemia and starvation interfere with the ER function, causing ER stress, which is defined by the accumulation of unfolded protein UP in the ER. Furthermore, expression of intact ATF6 was decreased and it was translocated to the nuclei. PERK, which regulates apoptosis, was not phosphorylated. Genome-wide association studies identify four ER negative-specific breast cancer risk loci.

Van't; Rutgers, Emiel J. Ryan; Willett, Walter C. The etiology and clinical behavior of ER -negative tumors are different from those of tumors expressing ER ER positive , including. Er det sjangeren eller relasjonen som endres? Endoplasmic reticulum ER aminopeptidases process antigenic peptide precursors to generate epitopes for presentation by MHC class I molecules and help shape the antigenic peptide repertoire and cytotoxic T-cell responses.

To perform this function, ER aminopeptidases have to recognize and process a vast variety of peptide sequences. To understand how these enzymes recognize substrates, we determined crystal structures of ER aminopeptidase 2 ERAP2 in complex with a substrate analogue and a peptidic product to 2. The peptides were found within the internal cavity of the enzyme with no direct access to the outside solvent. The substrate analogue extends away from the catalytic center toward the distal end of the internal cavity, making interactions with several shallow pockets along the path.

A similar configuration was evident for the peptidic product, although decreasing electron density toward its C terminus indicated progressive disorder. Enzymatic analysis confirmed that visualized interactions can either positively or negatively impact in vitro trimming rates. Opportunistic side-chain interactions and lack of deep specificity pockets support a limited-selectivity model for antigenic peptide processing by ERAP2. In contrast to proposed models for the homologous ERAP1, no specific recognition of the peptide C terminus by ERAP2 was evident, consistent with functional differences in length selection and self-activation between these two enzymes.

Our results suggest that ERAP2 selects substrates by sequestering them in its internal cavity and allowing opportunistic interactions to determine trimming rates, thus combining substrate permissiveness with sequence bias. ER phospholipid composition modulates lipogenesis during feeding and in obesity. Sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1c SREBP-1c is a central regulator of lipogenesis whose activity is controlled by proteolytic cleavage.

The metabolic factors that affect its processing are incompletely understood. Here, we show that dynamic changes in the acyl chain composition of ER phospholipids affect SREBP-1c maturation in physiology and disease. The abundance of polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine in liver ER is selectively increased in response to feeding and in the setting of obesity-linked insulin resistance. Desaturation of the ER membrane may serve as an auxiliary signal of the fed state that promotes lipid synthesis in response to nutrient availability.

ER stress proteins in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Full Text Available Over the past two decades, heat shock proteins HSPs have been implicated in inflammatory responses and autoimmunity. HSPs were originally believed to maintain protein quality control in the cytosol. However, they also exist extracellularly and appear to act as inflammatory factors. Recently, a growing body of evidence suggested that the other class of stress proteins such as, endoplasmic reticulum ER stress proteins, which originally act as protein quality control factors in the secretory pathway and are induced by ER stress in inflammatory lesions, also participate in inflammation and autoimmunity.

Here we describe the accumulating evidence of the participation of ER stress proteins in autoimmunity and inflammation and discuss the critical differences between the two classes of stress proteins. Aging induced ER stress alters sleep and sleep homeostasis.

Brown, Marishka K. Alterations in the quality, quantity and architecture of baseline and recovery sleep have been shown to occur during aging. Sleep deprivation induces endoplasmic reticular ER stress and upregulates a protective signaling pathway termed the unfolded protein response UPR.

The effectiveness of the adaptive UPR is diminished by age. Previously, we showed that endogenous chaperone levels altered recovery sleep in Drosophila melanogaster. We now report that acute administration of the chemical chaperone sodium 4-phenylbutyrate PBA reduces ER stress and ameliorates age-associated sleep changes in Drosophila.

PBA consolidates both baseline and recovery sleep in aging flies. We also demonstrate that directly activating ER stress in young flies fragments baseline sleep and alters recovery sleep. Full Text Available Purpose: The objective of the present study is to evaluate the effects of Er :YAG laser debonding of ceramic brackets on the bond strength and the amount of adhesive resin remnant.

Materials and Methods: Twenty human mandibular incisors were randomly divided into two groups of 10 and polycrystalline ceramic brackets Transcend series , 3M Unitek, Monrovia, CA, USA were bonded on enamel surfaces. Group 1 was the control group in which no laser application was performed prior to the shear bond strength SBS testing. The brackets were tested for SBS with an Instron universal testing machine and results were expressed in megapascals MPa.

Conclusion: 3W power Er :YAG laser application with the scanning method to polycrystalline ceramic brackets demonstrated lower bond strengths and higher ARI scores during the debonding procedure. Interaction between repressor Opi1p and ER membrane protein Scs2p facilitates transit of phosphatidic acid from the ER to mitochondria and is essential for INO1 gene expression in the presence of choline.

Inositol depletion favors Opi1p interaction with both Scs2p and phosphatidic acid at the endoplasmic reticulum ER membrane. Moreover, inositol depletion in strains lacking this interaction resulted in Opi1p being localized to sites of lipid droplet formation, coincident with increased synthesis of triacylglycerol. Supplementation of choline to inositol-depleted growth medium led to decreased TAG synthesis in all three strains.

However, in strains lacking the Opi1p-Scs2p interaction, Opi1p remained in the nucleus, preventing expression of INO1 These data support the conclusion that a specific pool of phosphatidic acid, associated with lipid droplet formation in the perinuclear ER , is responsible for the initial rapid exit of Opi1p from the nucleus to the ER and is required for INO1 expression in the presence of choline.

Moreover, the mitochondria-specific phospholipid, cardiolipin, was significantly reduced in both strains compromised for Opi1p-Scs2p interaction, indicating that this interaction is required for the transfer of phosphatidic acid from the ER to the mitochondria for cardiolipin synthesis. IRE1: ER stress sensor and cell fate executor. Cells operate a signaling network termed the unfolded protein response UPR to monitor protein-folding capacity in the endoplasmic reticulum ER. Convergent and divergent IRE1 characteristics between plants and animals underscore its significance in cellular homeostasis.

It begins with a brief heuristic argument, using the Ryu-Takayanagi correspondence, for why entanglement between black holes implies the existence of Einstein-Rosen bridges. Naively it seems to lead to an inconsistency between observations made on entangled systems by different observers. The resolution of the paradox lies in the properties of multiple black holes, entangled in the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger pattern.

The last part of the paper is about entanglement as a resource for quantum communication. In some sense teleportation takes place through the wormhole, but as usual, classical communication is necessary to complete the protocol.

KGaA, Weinheim. The aim of this article is to enhance the understanding of the Umm Er Radhuma aquifer's genesis, and its hydraulic and hydrochemical development over time. This is a prerequisite for wise use of the fossil groundwater resources contained within. The Umm Er Radhuma is a karstified limestone aquifer, extending over 1. Both epigene and hypogene karstification contributed to the genesis of what is today the most prolific aquifer in the region.

Besides man-made abstractions, even the natural outflows are higher than the small recharge natural storage depletion. The Umm Er Radhuma shows that large aquifers in arid regions are never in "steady state" where inflows equal outflows , considering Quaternary climate history. The aquifer's adaption to climate changes precipitation, sea level can be traced even after thousands of years, and is slower than the climate changes themselves.

Full Text Available The European Respiratory Society is an international medical organisation that brings together physicians, healthcare professionals, scientists and other experts working in respiratory medicine. Its aim is to alleviate suffering from respiratory diseases and promote lung health globally through science, education and advocacy.

ERS has since its founding in demonstrated strong commitment to tobacco control. As well as a Tobacco Control Committee TCC dedicated to advocacy, ERS constantly strives to promote strong and evidence-based policies to reduce the burden of tobacco related diseases.

One of the main outcome of the TCC is the creation of Smokehaz, a website aimed at providing policy-makers with scientific information on the Health hazards associated with smoking. Next generation Er :YAG fractional ablative laser. The system can operate at repetition rates up to Hz and has an incorporated beam deflection unit.

It is smaller, lighter and cost efficient compared to systems based on lamp pumped Er :YAG lasers and incorporates a skin layer detection to guarantee precise control of the microporation process. The pulse parameters enable a variety of applications in dermatology and in general medicine, as demonstrated by first results on transdermal drug delivery of FSH follicle stimulating hormone.

However, properties desirable for upconversion reduce the efficiency of 1. Since all of the processes are influenced by the host via the crystal field induced stark splittings in the Er levels, this project undertook modelling of the host influence on the Er lasinng behavior. The calculations were performed using a quantum mechanical point charge model developed by Clyde Morrison at Harry Diamond Laboratories. The programs were used to fit the Er :YAG experimental energy levels so that the crystal field parameters, B sub nm could be extracted.

These, in combination with crystal field components, Anm, available from X-ray data, were used to predict energy levels for Er in the other nine garnet hosts. The levels in Er :YAG were fit with an rms error of Based on resonances between pairs of calculated stark levels, the model predicts GSGG as the best host. Inflation er et af svarene Induction of ER stress in macrophages of tuberculosis granulomas. Full Text Available The endoplasmic reticulum ER stress pathway known as the Unfolded Protein Response UPR is an adaptive survival pathway that protects cells from the buildup of misfolded proteins, but under certain circumstances it can lead to apoptosis.

ER stress has been causally associated with macrophage apoptosis in advanced atherosclerosis of mice and humans. Because atherosclerosis shares certain features with tuberculosis TB with regard to lesional macrophage accumulation, foam cell formation, and apoptosis, we investigated if the ER stress pathway is activated during TB infection. We found that apoptosis was more abundant in granulomas as compared to non-granulomatous tissue isolated from patients with pulmonary TB, and apoptosis correlated with CHOP expression in areas surrounding the centralized areas of caseation.

In summary, ER stress is induced in macrophages of TB granulomas in areas where apoptotic cells accumulate in mice and humans. Although macrophage apoptosis is generally thought to be beneficial in initially protecting the host from Mtb infection, death of infected macrophages in. CBS-institutleder: Der er masser af muligheder i blockchain. Hva er Digital Valuta?

Hva slags formuerettslig produkt er digital valuta? Omfattes slike finansielle produkter av gjeldende finansreguleringer og hvordan burde de reguleres? Per i dag eksisterer det flere slike nettvalutaer, med varierende grad av oppslutning. When LDs grow in early stationary Ice2p has a cytosolic Down syndrome cell adherence molecule DSCAM contributes to the normal establishment and maintenance of neural circuits. Whereas there is abundant literature regarding the role of DSCAM in the neural patterning of the mammalian retina, less is known about motor circuits.

Recently, DSCAM mutation has been shown to impair bilateral motor coordination during respiration, thus causing death at birth. DSCAM mutants that survive through adulthood display a lack of locomotor endurance and coordination in the rotarod test, thus suggesting that the DSCAM mutation impairs motor control. We investigated the motor and locomotor functions of DSCAM 2J mutant mice through a combination of anatomical, kinematic, force, and electromyographic recordings.

With respect to wild-type mice, DSCAM 2J mice displayed a longer swing phase with a limb hyperflexion at the expense of a shorter stance phase during locomotion. In contrast to wild-type mice, which used lateral walk and trot at walking speed, DSCAM 2J mice used preferentially less coordinated gaits, such as out-of-phase walk and pace. The neuromuscular junction and the contractile properties of muscles, as well as their muscle spindles, were normal, and no signs of motor rigidity or spasticity were observed during passive limb movements.

Our study demonstrates that the DSCAM mutation induces dystonic hypertonia and a disruption of locomotor gaits. I dag er et av fire samliv her til lands samboerskap. Aktiv og sund aldring, men hvad er sundhed? Der er behov for et skift fra sygdomsorienteret til sundhedsorienteret biomedicinsk forskning. Including these targeted agents not only improves progression-free survival but may reverse acquired resistance to hormone treatment.

Qiu, Z. Under the consideration of the role that energy transfer and dissipation play in ER effect, an improved theory frame for ER effects, polarization-dissipation-structure-rheology, is suggested. The theory frame is substantiated by the basic physical laws and certain critical experimental facts. The dielectric response of a diatomite ER fluid to temperature is measured in the temperature range of K to K.

By comparison of the DC conductivity with the AC effective conductivity of the sample, we found that the AC dielectric loss consists of two parts. One part comes from the DC conductivity, the other from the response of the bound charges in scope of particle to AC field.

It is suggested that the response of bound charges is very important to ER effects. Besides, the effect of temperature on shear stress is measured, and interpreted based on the dielectric measurements. The source of two loss peaks in the curve of the dielectric loss versus temperature is not clear.

Test dig selv: Hvilken type projektleder er du? The television series ER presents an opportunity to reflect on ethical dilemmas. This article discusses the example of an episode in which a patient suffering from an incurable disease, unable to express his views clearly, has a tracheotomy performed on him without the consent of the team or his health care proxy.

Taller internacional sobre oso hormiguero gigante Myrmecophaga tridactyla. Nuclear receptors recruit multiple coactivators sequentially to activate transcription. This "ordered" recruitment allows different coactivator activities to engage the nuclear receptor complex at different steps of transcription. Combining cryo-electron microscopy cryo-EM structure analysis and biochemical approaches, we demonstrate that there is a close crosstalk between early- and late-recruited coactivators.

It induces a p conformational change and significantly increases p HAT activity on histone H3K18 residues, which, in turn, promotes CARM1 methylation activity on H3R17 residues to enhance transcriptional activity. This study reveals a structural role for a coactivator sequential recruitment and biochemical process in ER -mediated transcription.

Operationens fokus forud for de udenlandske troppers exit er at udvikle sikkerhedsinstitutionerne og skabe arbejdspladser Completion report for Well Cluster ER The primary UGTA tasks include collecting geological, geophysical, and hydrological data from new and existing wells to define groundwater quality as well as pathways and rates of groundwater migration at the NTS.

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