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The programmers at MicroPro estimated that they'd need six months to complete the conversion. Rubinstein wasn't impressed and told them that Barnaby had written the entire program in less than that time and that this was only a port to a new platform. Rubinstein called Barnaby to see if he'd be interested in doing the port.

The Osborne computer was an immediate success, quickly achieving sales of over 10, units per month. This was a great boost to WordStar and helped establish the progam in the market place. The software build was done on 8" floppies and the binary executable files were then transferred to the IBM PC by serial cable. During the early 's the company also created and released a spreadsheet called CalcStar and and a database program called DataStar, along with several other supporting programs.

The intention was to integrating all of these programs into a single system that was to be called StarBurst - the makings of the first ever 'Office Suite'. Adler killed the project. This meant that the files being edited still had to be in the same directory as the program. One of the company's programmers, Peter Mierau, regenerated the code base, but only a few months after he completed the task in October , he, and two other programmers, were laid-off. They went and set up a company of their own called NewStar , with the intention of cloning WordStar from scratch.

However, as WordStar was written in assembler, had already been ported from the to the , and consisted of hundreds of thousands of lines of code it was considered impossible. MicroPro development was, at this time, run by a man called Dan Druid, who had a team of 12 programmers preparing to start work on a new release of WordStar.

Morrow gave Mierau and co. NewStar in return would give Morrow a licence to use their WordStar clone on his computers. By August a second version had been released that included many features that WordStar users had been asking for: un-erase, laser printer support, and built-in spell checking provided by a bought-in program called The Word Plus , among others. The program, like the original WordStar, was written in assembly language, and so was small, and fast.

Many WordStar users, in search of new features, switched to NewWord. A third and final version of NewWord was released in February Version 3 added macros, maths functions, spell checking while editing, suggested 'correct' words for spelling errors, and the missing DOS directory and path name support. Reviews of NewWord 3 compared it favourably to WordStar and 3. Whatever you call it, NewWord 3 packs a surprising amount of speedy word processing power onto a single floppy disk, and does it at a very reasonable price.

Morrow sold most of his stock in NewStar back to the three founders but kept his licence to the program. In MicroPro's sales were booming, so the company decided to go public. However, two months before the public offering, Rubinstein suffered a heart attack. Adler sent Fred Haney to Rubinstein's hospital room to persuade him that if he didn't sign away his stock to non-voting stock the public offering would be killed.

Rubinstein signed, Haney became CEO, and Rubinstein went on to regret it as the biggest mistake he ever made in his life. MicroPro eventually became WordStar International. Rubinstein ceased to have direct control over the company , going on to form Surpass Corporation. Surpass Corp. Unfortunately the friendship between Rubinstein and Millard soured after IMSAI went out of business in a chapter 7 bankruptcy and the previously successful ComputerLand was sold.

Millard thought that I funded their court action - I didn't, but he sued MicroPro to recover his losses. The court ordered a defense discovery a common procedure in civil court cases during which a note was found in one of Millard's notebooks that said "Sue Rubinstein". The note was dated over five years earlier and due to the US Statute of Limitations' five-year limit between the discovery of the alleged code infringement and the action being taken to court the case was dismissed.

The case never got far enough to look at whether the two programs were based on the same code, a fact that both Rubinstein and Barnaby denied. Friends of a programmer named Edward de Jong approached Rubinstein about a WordStar clone that de Jong had written using the C programming language. The program was small compared to the original WordStar, consisting of only around 12, lines of code. It did most of what WordStar did, lacking only mail merge, spelling and a few other advanced features.

Rubinstein persuaded Druid, against his will, to buy the clone as the basis for the new version of WordStar, and as de Jong had a head start on the project Druid brought him in as the lead programmer. The team worked on the program for a year, eventually releasing WordStar in The first version of WordStar was released during the height of paranoia over software piracy and was heavily copy protected. The program used a completely different file format to that in earlier WordStar versions, it added support for a mouse, and a more mnemonic set of keyboard commands.

It also had better printer support than previous versions of WordStar. These interface changes were an attempt to overcome the negative press reports that WordStar was difficult to learn because its commands weren't mnemonic. WordPerfect was faster than the first version of WordStar , although this was corrected later in WordStar Releases 2 and 3.

WordPerfect also had a better customer support program, and it was heavily pushed as easier to use. A special version of WordStar was produced for the Japanese market. This was called TwinStar and could write Japanese and Latin characters next to each other, which was advanced for the time. Leigh Marriner, the product manager for WordStar left soon after.

De Jong, who had by now left MicroPro along with two other employees set up a new company with the intention of writing a next generation word processor cum desktop publishing DTP program. To help with this they head-hunted the top programmers from MicroPro. De Jong's new program relied on the hope that word processor users would migrate to DTP programs, which never happened. De Jong tried several times to get MicroPro interested in the new program, but they weren't really interested in new products, concentrating instead on just surviving for another financial quarter.

By a growing trend toward ease of use resulted in the appearance of a new category of word processor focussed less on features and more on usability. The effort focussed around a modularly designed interface written using Modula 2 programming language. This new interface was bolted onto the existing WordStar 3.

The result was released as MicroPro Easy. The MicroPro Easy user interface didn't support any of the commands from the original WordStar, or from WordStar it provided only a menu driven interface! Easy Extra was generally compared unfavourably to its competition in the same category. InfoWorld also giving it a mediocre review in its August 25th issue.

On 1st April Rubinstein resigned from the management of MicroPro, but remained as a board member until In September John Stofberg, the director of word processing products, was fired, and the entire MicroPro Easy development team were laid off. MicroPro determined to focus on its "flagship" next-generation product, WordStar This IBM PC clone, which cost a fraction of the price of its competitors, and used only around a tenth of the component count of its IBM equivalent, single-handedly kick-started the PC revolution in Britain and much of the rest of Europe.

Because reviews of WordStar panned it as too slow to be used, Doug St. John, VP of development at MicroPro in early , decided to focus Release 3 primarily on performance. WordStar Release 3 advanced further on the speed improvements made in Release 2. WordStar Release 3 also included improvements in the printer drivers, the Star Exchange file format conversion program, new operating modes, and some other minor feature additions.

WordStar Release 3 was a milestone for WordStar in that it was transformed into one of the fastest products in its category. WordStar release 3 hit the streets in November It was too late; WordPerfect had a vastly superior marketing strategy and Microsoft's Word was rising quickly. The deal was done. The original WordStar code was scrapped and all future work went in to adding features to NewWord. It proved to be a very popular upgrade.

Building on the success of WordStar 4, several WordStar features were added to make WordStar versions 5, 6, and 7. These versions had an expanded file format to allow the use of 'text styles', pull-down menus, background printing, graphic support through the Inset program, and a new printer driver system. They also included the Star Exchange file format conversion system. The failures of MicroPro Easy and WordStar , as well as the general neglect of the formerly successful original WordStar, heralded the beginning of a very dark period for MicroPro International.

This was marked by the shift away from a focus on competitive technologies and intelligent marketing to one on short-sighted revenue-generating schemes. Having failed to branch out into other software categories, and having lost its competitive edge against the likes of WordPerfect and the rising Microsoft Word, MicroPro spent the better part of the next five years, between and , struggling to find creative ways to continue selling WordStar and WordStar clones into its existing customer base in the US and Europe as it frantically searched for a new word processing strategy.

While a host of software companies saw the writing on the wall and were developing in anticipation of Windows for example: Describe, Ami Pro, and Word , MicroPro buried its head in the sand and persisted in betting the future of the company on the DOS platform, and the notion that the original WordStar could be revived in order to recapture significant market share.

During the bleak years at the end of the s MicroPro needed a way to maintain name recognition with the WordStar product line. WordStar for DOS version 7 added expanded memory support, support for a mouse, a macro programming language, and the ability to transfer data to and from the Microsoft Windows 3 clipboard. However, it was too late. The delays in improving on the early versions and the disasters of WordStar Easy and meant that WordPerfect took over as the most popular word processor.

WordStar's fate was sealed. In a delayed attempt to stay in the market, WordStar International licensed a legal word processor called Legacy from a company called NBI and released this as WordStar Legacy in early ; the idea of developing a Windows based word processor from scratch having been deemed impractical. Legacy was more of a DTP program than a plain word processor, which caught out many WordStar users that upgraded. Around this time NBI found itself in dire financial trouble, so WordStar International bought all rights to the Legacy word processor and its code, which after minor tweaking was released on October 1st as WordStar for Windows 1.

WordStar International quickly introduced a relatively minor upgrade to WordStar for Windows to create version 1. This upgrade was provided as a temporary bug fixing release to tide users over until version 1. Wordstar for Windows 1. Version 1. There was then a long delay, as the next version, hints of which were leaked on CompuServe, seemed to be on the brink of oblivion. On the 4th of February WordStar International completed a merger with two other companies: Spinnaker Software Corporation, who specialised in consumer priced office productivity software; and SoftKey Software Products Inc.

The Company was created through a recent combination of three corporations. The Three-Party Combination was accounted for as a pooling-of-interests. The merger was undertaken because the three struggling companies decided the only way to compete was to form a much larger entity and to use SoftKey International's marketing strategy.

To consolidate its new direction SoftKey International started on an acquisition spree, taking over control of several small multimedia companies, leading to a combined range of around software titles See: SoftKey International Plays Hardball. WordStar for Windows 2. When, in , WordStar for Windows 2. SoftKey International didn't see itself as a developer, but as a purchaser of complete software that could be sold in bulk at low prices:.

We find the best programmers and publish their independent works. To enable the program to be completed, four of the lead programmers took voluntary redundancy, and, in early , set up a company called Coyote Software, which completed enough of the code under contract to enable the program to be released. The programmers had wanted to do further work to tidy up loose ends and minor bugs in the program, and there was talk of replacing the file format, but no further work was sponsored by SoftKey.

The reason for allowing the development to continue up to release of the program has been put down to pressure from the European parts of SoftKey International and the surviving WordStar International in some countries. The result was a smaller and faster program than much of the competition of the time. However, the company focus moved away from productivity software as this market was by now well and truly owned by Microsoft Word, WordPerfect for Windows and Lotus Word Pro. WordStar Personal Writer wasn't supplied with a paper manual, having an Adobe Acrobat version instead.

The Acrobat manuals also found their way onto some versions of the 'standard' WordStar for Windows CDs in place of the normal manual as well. Whilst the UK saw a cut down evaluation version less spelling dictionary and templates given away free on a cover mounted CD on the September issue of PC Answers magazine, and again on the December issue of PC Plus magazine.

In early Corel Corporation acquired the rights to the WordStar for Windows code with the intention of basing the word processor of a planned office suite on it. SoftKey International retained the right to develop WordStar for Windows independently of Corel - in much the same way that Corel had licensed code for Publishers Paintbrush and based the original Corel PhotoPaint 3 on it, and subsequently licensed XaraStudio from UK company Xara and based many of Corel Draw 7 and later's features on that product.

Corel's plan was to use a development of WordStar for Windows, alongside a licensed spreadsheet program, the Alpha V database they had licensed from Alpha Software, and a bundle of clip art in a low cost office suite. Coyote Software completed a port of WordStar for Windows from bit to bit code that would have been ready for Microsoft's Windows 95 that was in development at the time, and they apparently still have rights to the resulting code.

However, press reports of the Office Suite project were scathing about its quality. Corel changed direction and repositioned the suite as a companion product to the other suites by Microsoft, WordPerfect, and Lotus , releasing it in early as the ' Corel CD Office Companion '. It now contained only a few graphics utilities, a PIM, a Web browser, and some reference titles - WordStar for Windows was not included.

Corel reported that it had shipped , copies, but after a bad reception it was quickly withdrawn. Corel then rebundled some of the elements from the doomed suite and released them again under the banner of the 'Corel Home' series of CDs. At the time that Corel abandoned its attempt to compete with the main office suites, Novell was struggling with its own attempt.

They were getting nowhere trying to knock their recently acquired WordPerfect for Windows into any form of reasonable shape, and decided to cut their losses and go back to doing what they knew about - networking. Corel may still have rights to WordStar for Windows code, the licence terms aren't known.

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