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Diablo 3 bitcoins mining

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However, I can get the March release to work using the following options:. There are a few miners I'd like to test, including BitMinter and phoenix2, for comparison purposes, but haven't taken the time to, yet. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Asked 8 years, 9 months ago. Active 4 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 10k times. So my question s : What, if anything, am I doing incorrectly? Mining information on OSX is very hard to find. Improve this question.

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I seem to have issues getting OpenCL installed However, I can get the March release to work using the following options: -w 64 -v 2 -na If you cannot find the older version, let me know and I'll share it on dropbox. BitMinter works out of the box for me. I assume the lower rate is due to OpenCL change s in the last Lion update. The most recent version of DiabloMiner has fixed the issues I had with the version that came out a couple of weeks ago. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Since game currency can be created by the players and markets for the game currency enable players to exchange cyber goods for real currency, there are those players who play only to create game currency and to sell it in markets for real money. These players repeat tedious tasks, such as hunting a deer, to accumulate game gold.

This type of game currency generation process is often executed on an industry scale. In response, game managers often have a dedicated team to ban these systematic activities of game currency creation and to develop game contents that force players to spend more game currencies. The issue of industrialized game currency creation closely resembles what is recently occurring in Bitcoin mining.

With the recent public interest in Bitcoin, the Bitcoin mining process is becoming more industrialized. Since a better computing system has a greater probability of solving the math challenges of Bitcoin, miners who can pool more computing resources are likely to acquire more Bitcoins. Unlike game currencies, however, Bitcoin does not yet have a mechanism to control the amount of rewards for industrial mining. A comparison between game currency and the recently debuted virtual currencies would be useful in understanding the general characteristics of virtual currencies.

A virtual currency is comprised of digital data that can be used as a method of transaction among Internet users. The most important feature of virtual currencies is that non-government entities can create or manage the currencies. A game player can create game currency through various game activities.

Bitcoin is created through a computer system that solves a decoding problem. These free creation mechanisms can create supply problems like high inflation. It is said that Bitcoin does not have these supply related issues as the supply is controlled by a math algorithm. The maximum number of Bitcoins is 21 million Surowiecki [ 7 ] and the algorithm of the Bitcoin system is designed to generate a pre-determined rate of Bitcoins. However, the structure of Bitcoin is not absolutely fixed.

Bitcoin users can implement new changes to the structure if a majority of the users agree to do so. A shock from outside of the system can also change the structure. If computing power improves substantially, the math algorithm may not be able to maintain the projected speed.

Bitcoin wiki website en. In addition, there is the possibility that the Bitcoin system could be hacked. Although the system is regarded as secure at this point, without a central authority that has enforcement power, this currency may be facing attempts by outsiders to break the system. Alternatively, individuals who are already holding a significant amount of virtual currency have an incentive to protect the value of this currency. Voluntary regulation already takes place in game currencies.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that game players voluntarily regulate industrialized currency creation attempts, knowing that industry level mining generates inflation in the cyber economy. For example, in a game that allows fighting among players, players attack other players who are suspected of game currency mining.

The attack interferes with the mining activities executed by automated programs. Game players even pressure game servicing companies to maintain their virtual currency value. For example, game players pressure the servicing companies to provide safety mechanisms for their currency values, such as adopting anti-hacking software.

This pressure may come from non-virtual methods including demonstrations or even law suits. These individual incentives may be the strongest mechanism to control the value of a non-government managed virtual currency. If a game is to be shut down, in most cases, the game currency is converted to the currency of another game managed by the same servicing company. It would be comparable to a large shock to real currencies provoking public unrest.

Bitcoin users also have incentives to guard their currency value, and they may display actions similar to that of game currency holders. The other important characteristic of virtual currencies is anonymity. Real money transactions conducted through the Internet are closely monitored and recorded by the government and by financial institutions. In contrast, since virtual currencies are managed by individuals, there is no designated monitor of the currencies.

Game currencies and Bitcoin share a similar degree of anonymity. One can trade Bitcoin anonymously, as the transaction record does not completely reveal the true identification of a trader. Due to its anonymity, there is the suspicion that Bitcoin is used for money laundering FBI Report [ 8 ]. Unlike Bitcoin, transaction records for game currencies are not automatically generated. The transactions can be recorded by game managers for back-up purposes, but those managers have little incentive to keep the records for an extended period of time as it requires the dedication of too many resources to maintain such a database.

As a result, it would be difficult for a third party to track the whole transaction. In a similar vein, the New York Times reports that the NSA and CIA have been secretly trying to monitor in-game activities since for the purpose of discovering illegal activities Elliott [ 9 ]. It can be said that anonymity reduces the costs of the transactions that are regulated by law, such as trades related to illegal goods, tax evasion, or money laundering.

Overall, game currencies and Bitcoin share two important characteristics of a virtual currency: 1 the management by individuals and 2 anonymity in cyber space. Thus, by examining game currencies, we expect to acquire an estimate of the prospects of Bitcoin and other recently debuted virtual currencies. South Korea is known to have the largest market of gaming goods trading and the most detailed gaming goods transaction statistics in the world Heeks [ 1 ].

The price data of game currencies in this paper are acquired from, www. As a result, the structures of the two markets are similar to each other. The market structure resembles that of a stock exchange; trades occur continuously and traders can place either a limit order place quotes or a market order accept the existing quotes.

The market provides daily game money price data. The data defines a daily price as the last trading price near midnight, as this market operates 24 hours per day. We also obtain price data from a U. The website is known as one of the most frequently used gaming goods trading websites in the U. The site revises its quotes intermittently, approximately once a week. The site displays only sell ask quotes to the public. It is worthwhile to note that the primary position of these markets and dealers is to keep the transaction information private.

As such, it is difficult to collect data concerning game currency trades. This secrecy is related to several factors. Additionally, game managers have not reached a consensus regarding the real money trading of their game goods. Heeks [ 1 ] reports that the reaction of game managers to cyber goods trading varies from an attempt to completely ban it to a laissez-faire policy.

The policy may also change over time in the same game. A game goods trader may receive a penalty from game managers unexpectedly. Moreover, legal authorities have made several attempts to regulate cyber goods trading when they suspect money laundering activities or fraud.

Similar to game managers, regulators do not have an organized view of cyber goods trading yet making regulation unpredictable. Overall, there are plenty of incentives to conceal the transaction data. Accordingly, we made the name of the Korean game currency market and the U. Details regarding the data sources are available upon request. Therefore, the two game currencies are less influenced by country-specific factors.

We acquire historical prices of the two game currencies. In the market from which we obtain the data, historical prices are available for only a handful of the most widely traded game currencies. World of Warcraft is the most popular online game in the world and holds the Guinness World Record for the largest number of subscribers around the globe 10 million subscribers in As a result, its game currency is the most widely traded game currency in the world. The history of World of Warcraft game currency trading spans over a decade.

Diablo III has over one million players daily. It is a fairly new game, released in May A player can use a real currency that is convenient for that player. For example, a Canadian user may use Canadian dollars, while a Russian user may use Rubles. The establishment of RMAH was a response from the game servicing company, as many users have already been trading game currency with real currency. In addition, approximately five months of World of Warcraft game currency prices are accessible from July to November The price data from the U.

About two months of price data is available per game. Although the World of Warcraft pricing data have shorter time-series coverage, the data are much broader cross-sectionally as the data contain prices from 12 servers as compared to only three servers for Diablo III. Even in the same game, the currency prices vary by server. Online games are separated into smaller units of servers. A server is a computer system that connects multiple players.

Due to capacity restraints, online games must have multiple servers. To facilitate game management, game providers allow little data sharing between servers. As such, a player in Server A cannot interact or participate in a transaction with a player in Server B within the same game. Likewise, game currency in one server cannot be transferred to another server. As of , there are approximately 1, World of Warcraft servers around the globe, but price data are available for only six of the servers that are played primarily by South Korean users.

Fig 1 illustrates the distribution of cyber currency prices of World of Warcraft servers and Diablo III servers as of October 31, This figure illustrates average game currency prices in South Korean Won. For World of Warcraft , there are six servers in our dataset and each server has two sides for a total of 12 observations. Diablo III has three servers without sides for a total of three observations. We obtain price data for six servers of World of Warcraft , but there are 12 prices in Fig 1 because even within the same server, the price differs by the side a gamer is playing.

In World of Warcraft , a player has to select a side to play Alliance vs. Further, no direct transaction is allowed between different side players. As such, there are a considerable number of transaction costs involved to transfer a good from one side to the other. The different prices are actually a sign of efficiency.

Whenever there is a restriction in currency flow, an efficient market should have different prices for each isolated economy so that the prices reflect the unique economic situation of each cyber economy. The decentralized control structure of virtual currencies may generate an irrational pattern or high volatility in their prices. This view is supported by the recent high volatility of Bitcoin. Our first analysis is to examine if these high volatilities are Bitcoin specific or one of the characteristics of non-government managed virtual currencies.

We compare the price volatilities of non-government managed virtual currencies game currencies and Bitcoin with that of real currencies and frequently traded assets. This difference may generate higher volatilities in game currency prices. We also present the annualized volatility calculated from the daily standard deviations.

The Mt. China and South Korea also have large markets for game currencies, as well as for Bitcoin. Gold price data comes from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. The stocks are grouped into three size categories, small, medium, and large, according to their market value at the beginning of Each business day, we calculate the cross-sectional statistics of stock returns, such as the mean or the standard deviation, and then compute the year average of the daily statistics.

Table 1 reports the summary statistics. We report summary statistics on the daily returns of various assets. The mean, standard deviation, and annualized volatility are reported. Dollar, as well as gold and equities. We use all of the daily prices in for the assets not related to games. The standard deviation of game currency returns is 9. These figures are higher than any of the real currency exchange rates reported, indicating that virtual currencies have higher volatilities than real currencies.

The question is what level of volatility is acceptable as a currency. Since equities are sometimes used to store value, we suppose that the volatility of the World of Warcraft currency is at a level enabling the currency to operate as an inferior alternative of a real currency. Also, equities held by a firm are often regarded as a cash equivalent asset in accounting.

Bitcoin gained much of its current public attention around the time when Diablo III was initiated. The case of the World of Warcraft currency demonstrates that the high volatility of Bitcoin is not a common attribute of non-government managed virtual currencies. Rather, high volatilities may be a characteristic of newly introduced currencies, as demonstrated in the case of Diablo III currency.

An alternative way to measure price stability is to examine the size of devaluation or revaluation during a certain period. Too much devaluation or revaluation is an indication of poor stability. Devaluation can be particularly problematic to game currencies as any player can create the currencies by playing a game. Alternatively, the math algorithm of Bitcoin is designed to reward new Bitcoin to a few miners at a pre-determined rate. Positive numbers represent devaluation decrease in value , while negative numbers represent revaluation increase in value.

The prices are measured in U. Table 2 shows the devaluation of currencies. We measure the devaluations of various currencies and gold. A negative devaluation indicates an increase in currency value revaluation. Currency prices are measured in U.

We use the full data for Bitcoin, real currencies, and gold. It is actually surprising to observe a revaluation of a game currency. These mechanisms include an increased amount of in-game spending and the supervision of mining activities. Anecdotal evidence suggests that not only game managers, but also game players supervise each other to prevent losses in game currency value.

The case of Diablo III may indicate that the free creation of game currencies leads to the devaluation of the currency, but the case of World of Warcraft stands as a counter example. Again, the subsequent question is what devaluation rate is to be regarded as too large. We suppose that the change in gold prices can serve as a basis.

World of Warcraft currency has a smaller price change in absolute value than gold. Thus, we find that the price stability of some virtual currencies is comparable to that of frequently traded assets like gold or small size equities. The instability and large devaluation of Diablo III currency is a typical pattern of virtual currencies in newly launched online games.

Inflation is inevitable in new games as: 1 the liquidity of game currency must be increased rapidly to accommodate new incoming players and 2 the degree of competition among players is typically greatest at the beginning of a game.

This is because a new game is like a new land where a player can obtain an advantage over others if they become the first to possess the land. Game currency prices are the highest at the beginning as players compete to be the first. The price quickly declines as a game economy becomes more established. Similarly, Bitcoin may have large price volatility because it is a newly launched currency. Another uncertainty concerning Bitcoin arises in that Bitcoin prices have almost no correlation with other assets Yermack [ 3 ].

We examine whether this is true for other virtual currencies as well. We use a multivariate regression to test the relationship between virtual currency prices and economic factors. This analysis is feasible for game currencies as our data provides a few variables possibly related to game currency prices.

This analysis would be one of the first attempts to identify the factors that determine the price of a virtual currency. We examine the supply and demand factors of the game currency used in World of Warcraft. We have price data for 12 of its game servers and sides, as well as some information about the server characteristics.

The number can be estimated from the quotes on the market for game currency. Every week, we compute the number of sell quotes per World of Warcraft server that are posted within the previous three hours. Professional currency miners try to sell their game currency through the markets quickly, and they update their quotes at least every hour for better visibility. Individual sellers, in contrast, do not update their quotes as frequently, and their quotes are often older than one day.

Therefore, a higher number of fresh updated sell quotes indicates a greater number of professional currency miners. We measure the demand for game currency with two variables. The first demand variable is the number of players in each server. There would be more demand for game currency when there are more players. The cross-sectional difference in the number of players can be estimated by the server status report on the World of Warcraft website.

The website periodically provides information on the crowdedness of a server using a three-step indicator low, medium, and high. In the regression analysis, we use a three-step variable that takes a value from one Low to three High to proxy for the number of players by server. The next demand factor is the degree of competition. Players try to win the in-game competition by better equipping their avatars.

This competition leads to more game related trading, which increases the demand for game currency. The degree of competition can be captured by server type. The servers of World of Warcraft have slightly different game contents in terms of competition. A Player vs. Environment PvE server allows battles between players, but the battle must be consensual.

In a Player vs. Player PvP server, a player can be attacked by an opposing side player at any time. Therefore, the level of competition among players can be higher in a PvP server. We use a dummy variable for server type that takes a value of one when a server is a PvP server and zero otherwise. Both of demand variables are collected every week. As a control variable, we include real currency exchange rates.

Daily exchange rates between South Korean Won and U. This exchange rate represents the retail exchange rate the rate that banks charge to retail customers in South Korea. Another control variable is the stock returns of the game management company, Activision Blizzard. This variable can represent other supply and demand factors for their game currency, as stock prices are likely to be correlated with the contents of the game.

The explanatory variables do not have enough time-series variability when compared to game currency prices. The most frequent series are exchange rates and stock returns, but they are not available on non-business days. Other variables, such as the number of quotes or server types, are obtained weekly. Alternatively, game currency prices are available seven days a week. We use weekly game currency prices that are measured every Friday. Likewise, weekly stock returns and exchange rate changes are calculated from Friday prices.

We include server dummies one if it is Server A and zero otherwise to correct for server fixed effects. The estimation equation has the following form:. The estimation method is Generalized Method of Moments GMM that corrects for heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation in the regression error terms. Table 3 presents the results of the regression. We examine the determinants of game currency prices with a multivariate regression. Recall Eq 2. The dependent variable is Log Price i , t , which is the natural log of game currency price in server i at week t.

Quotes is the number of fresh quotes on the market for game currency, Server Crowdedness is the number of users in a server measured by a three-step scale high, medium, and low , Server Competition is a dummy variable is equal to one when a server has more competition among players, Exchange Rate is the exchange rate between KRW and USD, and Stock Returns is the weekly stock returns of the game servicing company. Server fixed effects are controlled. Column 1 presents the full model.

Column 2 contains a reduced form model that only uses game related variables, while Column 3 reports a model that only uses financial or economic factors. The signs of the coefficients are consistent with our intuition. The demand factors, which are server crowdedness and competition, have positive coefficients. The supply factor, which is the number of professional currency miners, has a negative coefficient. The reduced form models in Columns 2 and 3 demonstrate that the significance of a coefficient does not change much by model specification.

These results demonstrate that the price of some virtual currencies is determined by economic factors. In this section, we explore another question related to virtual currencies. Theoretically, the P2P peer-to-peer transfer system of Bitcoin is free because it is sending data from one user to the other, comparable to sending and receiving emails.

In reality, however, often times the P2P system of Bitcoin requires fees for the following reasons. First, fees are necessary to prevent too many small transactions jamming the Bitcoin transaction system. In addition, Bitcoin miners are supposed to use past transaction records when creating additional Bitcoin.

A Bitcoin transaction has to be acknowledged by a certain number of Bitcoin miners to become valid. In contrast, miners do not have an obligation to examine and approve transactions. Transaction fees expedite the approval process by rewarding miners. Rather, we focus on the transaction costs of virtual currency exchanges.

A large portion of the fees imposed to Bitcoin users actually comes from the exchanges that convert real currencies to Bitcoin. Although the network is growing, Bitcoin is not as widely used as real currencies, so Bitcoin adopters have to convert real currencies to Bitcoin at these exchanges and pay fees.

An alternative way of using Bitcoin without paying fees to the exchanges is to mine Bitcoin, but the competition for mining is severe as of , that it was almost impossible to generate enough Bitcoins to do everyday transactions.

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